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  • Turning Back The Clock For Hezekiah

    Contributed by John Gaston on Aug 7, 2017

    How the shadow went backward on Ahaz's stair; belief in miracles that defy science, and a recent archaeological discovery that confirms this miracle.

    TURNING BACK THE CLOCK FOR HEZEKIAH Isa. 38:1-8 INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR 1. During a church service a man came up to the preacher to request prayer for his hearing. 2. So the preacher got a bottle of oil and anointed the man. He put his hands on the man’s head and prayed vigorously. 3. more

  • Could We Turn Back Time…

    Contributed by John Gaston on Sep 20, 2016

    If we could really turn back the hands of time, would we? Why would we? Would it be ethical? Would it be wise to do so?Reasons people would like to go back in time, would it be good to change the past, and what the Bible says about our future.

    COULD WE TURN BACK TIME… 2 Kgs. 20:8-11 INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR: BLIND MAN SPINS DOG 1. There was a blind man at Wal-Mart the other day. He had a seeing-eye dog with him. 2. He seemed to be doing alright until he grabbed his seeing-eye dog by the hind legs and swung him around his head more