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  • God's Crybaby

    Contributed by Michael Stark on Feb 27, 2020
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    The wickedness witnessed in contemporary society breaks the heart of the follower of Christ, just as such evil breaks the heart of the Saviour.

    “‘The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.’ For the wound of the daughter of my people is my heart wounded; I mourn, and dismay has taken hold on me. “Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then has the health of the daughter of my people not been more

  • When God Closes The Door

    Contributed by Wade Bridges on Mar 20, 2001
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    Based on God Calling Noah to Build the Ark

    When God Closes the Door Genesis 7:1-16 In Genesis Chapter Six, God saw the Wickedness of mankind and it Grieved God in His Heart. He said that he would destroy mankind off the face of the earth. But, there was one family and one person who found Grace in the eyes of God. It was Noah and more

  • The Flood Part I

    Contributed by Todd Riley on Mar 13, 2001
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    an exposition of Genesis 6-7

    Islington Baptist Church March 11, 2001 Sermon text: Genesis 6:9-7:24 Scripture readings: Matt. 24:36-39 I Pet. 2:5 II Pet. 3, Psalm 104:5-9, Heb. 11:7 For the next few weeks we are going to consider the Bible’s account of Noah, found in Genesis 6:9-9:28. These chapters detail God’s more

  • The Perception Of God’s Plan - Foolishness Of God

    Contributed by Rodney Kelley on Sep 14, 2010
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    God's plan of Redemption for man seems like foolishness to the lost man but makes sense to the believer.

    Intro: In our text there is a statement that should make us stop in our tracks. For the novice in Scripture or a skeptic, that statement could be misunderstood. In context it is clear. The Bible is not saying God is foolish, but that the most simple thought of God is greater than the greatest more

  • An Overview Of The Book Of Habakkuk

    Contributed by Christopher Holdsworth on Nov 17, 2013
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    The LORD gives us 'strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow'.

    AN OVERVIEW OF THE BOOK OF HABAKKUK Habakkuk 1-3 Habakkuk 1 – THE BURDEN Habakkuk 1:1. When Habakkuk speaks of his message as a burden, it is to convey something of its weightiness. No prophet should take God's words upon his lips lightly; but neither are those who are truly called to more

  • Noah: The Consequence Of Obedience

    Contributed by Dana Chau on Nov 20, 2003
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    Experience the consequence of obedience to God

    Sometime ago, I received an email titled, “Everything I need to know, I learned from Noah’s Ark.” Here are some of the lessons noted: 1. Don’t miss the boat. 2. Remember that we are all in the same boat. 3. Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark. 4. Stay fit. When you’re more

  • Noah: A Faith That Works Series

    Contributed by John Raulerson on Dec 17, 2007
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    Noah’s faith was much more than words but a faith that worked.

    NOAH: A FAITH THAT WORKS Hebrews 11:7; Genesis 6:5-18 Abel’s Faith was revealed through his worship Enoch’s faith was revealed through his walk Noah’s faith was revealed through his works 1) NOAH’S FAITH CAUSED HIM TO BELIEVE WHAT GOD SAID By faith Noah, being warned of God of more

  • Noah's Day--Our Day--Last Days

    Contributed by Clarence Clough on Apr 28, 2014
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    The waters of judgment shall eventually prevail (triumph) against all ungodliness.

    Noah's Day--Our Day--Last Days Genesis 7:18, "And the waters prevailed, and were increased greatly upon the earth; and the ark went upon the face of the waters." Matthew 24:37-39, "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were more

  • "The Last Enemy...destroyed Is Death

    Contributed by Timm Meyer on Apr 20, 2011
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    Christ the King (A) - The last enemy to be destroyed is death. We learn what Adam did to us. We believe what Christ undid for us.

    “THE LAST ENEMY…DESTROYED IS DEATH” (Outline) November 21, 2010 - Christ the King - 1 CORINTHIANS 15:20-26 INTRO: Our Christian life in this sinful world is a battle against everything that opposes God and his holy will. We believe in the triune God: Father, more

  • God...made Us Alive With Christ

    Contributed by Timm Meyer on Mar 7, 2008

    Lent 4 (B) - God made us alive with Christ because he is rich in mercy. God made us alive with Christ when he saved us by grace.

    GOD…MADE US ALIVE WITH CHRIST (Outline) March 2, 2008 – LENT 4 - Ephesians 2:4-10 INTRO: Scripture uses earthly opposites to help believers understand the mysteries of things divine. Jesus used many common, earthly opposites to help the people of his day comprehend faith. A few of more

  • Three Fold Sin

    Contributed by Davon Huss on Oct 10, 2011

    A sermon on Romans 1:18-32 and how this relates to our society today (Material adapted from Harold Vaughan "The Three Fold Sin of Society" from Herald of His Coming [] September 2003 issue)

    Introduction: God is a Being of Moral Perfection and His Character is the law of the universe. How unlike the gods of Greek mythology who lived on Mt. Olympus. The Greek gods were even more immoral than the people. Xenophanes, a 6th century BC Greek philosopher, complained about the immorality more

  • "Master, It Is Good For Us To Be Here"

    Contributed by Timm Meyer on Apr 21, 2011
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    TRANSFIGURATION -- Disciples discover it is always good to be in the presence of the Lord. It is good for us see the glory of Jesus. It is good for us to hear the Father's voice.

    “MASTER, IT IS GOOD FOR US TO BE HERE” (Outline) March 6, 2011 - Transfiguration - LUKE 9:28-36 INTRO: Time is very valuable in each of our lives. Today’s society often distorts the importance of the present. In our lives we look back and we look ahead so much that more

  • Why We All (Especially The Elders) Need Deacons Series

    Contributed by Glenn Durham on Mar 19, 2008
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    God loves us by equipping and calling deacons to serve us.

    Scripture Introduction A guy dies, arrives at the Pearly Gates, and (as always in stories like this), St. Peter is there and asks him to relate a good deed he had done. He thinks for a moment then says, “Well, there was the time I was driving down a road when I saw a group of hoodlums harassing more

  • The Vengeance Of The Lord

    Contributed by Todd Riley on Oct 28, 2006
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    What is the vengeance of God all about and how does it apply to me?

    The vengeance of the Lord Jeremiah 50-51 Scripture reading: 2 Peter 3 One of the things that really frustrates me is the lack of justice in our land and in our world. When hardened criminals get off with what appears to be a slap on the wrist, my dander really rises. I just can’t stand the more

  • Word Of God At Thessalonica Series

    Contributed by Alan Mccann on Jun 29, 2004
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    The impact of the Word of God at Thessalonica

    I Thessalonians 213-16 Just after Janet and I had started to date she went to live in France for a year. One day while I was at UUJ I was standing at the bus turning circle at the Loughshore when I noticed this girl coming towards me. I thought she looks very like Janet but it can’t be because more