Summary: A study of the service gifts with which God equips His Church.

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Text: Rom 12:7-8, Title: Hands and Feet, Date/Place: NRBC, 12.4.11, AM

Opening illustration: heard of the church that gave new members 9 weeks to find a “ministry” or they told them that they would probably fit better at another church where they could do nothing…Or the church that sent letters out to its 8000 members saying serve and give or find somewhere else to leach resources from

Background to passage: we have seen the guiding gifts (words of wisdom and knowledge and faith), the speaking gifts (prophecy, teaching, exhortation, and administration), and next week we will look at the miraculous gifts (tongues, healings, miracles), this week we are taking on the service gifts. These gifts include service, giving, mercy, and helps. These gifts are kinda like the skeleton of the body, that aren’t seen as much because they like serving behind the scenes (this was the main problem in Corinth), but they have a hand in about everything that goes on in ministry. Like all the spiritual gifts, they are an extremely important part of the body.

Main thought: we will look at the service gifts

Service (v. 7)

The gift of service is the word diakonia which is where we get our word “deacon.” It is simply translated “servant,” or “service” or “ministry.” Those with the gift of service enjoy doing routine tasks around the church regardless of how they affect others. Those with this gift enjoy little-noticed, behind the scenes tasks and do them cheerfully. Ministries that have service-gifted people are usually the things that have to get done for things to operate well. This gift has more to do with serving the church and ministry more than other people.

Titus 3:14, John 12:26,

Illustration: Ms. Jackie ensuring necessary kitchen supplies are there, Mike and Wendell every day at the building plugging along, Glenda, Crystal, Miranda, Lynne all came alongside Jennifer last year to ensure that the decorations for VBS got prepared adequately,

Media, music, yard cutting, cleaning, decorating for Christmas, committee work, and other similar ministries are outlets for people with this gift. While serving people with this gift need to guard themselves against: accepting too many jobs at one time. God put the right number of people in NR to do what He wants us to do; if there are truly not enough people to do certain ministries, then we are trying to do too much. And if some of you aren’t serving anywhere, that means that others are having to pick up your slack to do what God has called us to do, OR we are not doing all that we are called to do because there are not enough laborers. Also, guard against going around proper authority in order to get things done. Many times committees and approvals look like government red tape. Also, guard against being hurt by ungratefulness or control freaks. Often you don’t require public recognition, but genuine appreciation in the hearts of those they serve is deeply needed. Do you have this gift? Are you putting it to use?

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