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Summary: Christmas drama on Simeon’s meeting of Jesus has several good preaching points in it.

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All of a sudden I felt a fire all around me, that also filled my being, and I knew the "Holy One," was near. I bowed as low to the ground as I possible could, and cried out,

"I am not worthy,

I am not worthy, that Thou shouldst come near to me."

Then the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, spoke to me and said, "Simeon Ben Simeon, thy prayers for thy people have been heard, thou shalt not see death, till thou hast seen the Lord’s Christ."

I remember breaking down and crying, and saying, "Blessed art Thou, Lord God of the Universe, for Thou has not forsaken Thy people Israel, Thou hast not forgotten Thy covenant with Thy servant David, and Thou hast not cast us off. I think that in that day, He allowed me to feel His compassion and love for the Israel of God, and I knew that He would not abandon us forever. I knew that He would come, just as He said He would.

But that was long ago, and I have thought at least a thousand times that God should have fulfilled His promise by then, yet He had not. I am old now, I was young when I first heard that promise. Though I knew my days won’t be long upon this earth and because of that their should be greater faith that His coming is soon, I strangely found myself battling to keep believing.

I know what I experienced, I know what I heard, but time has a way of mocking that which we have heard and felt. Sometimes I hear this voice saying to me, "where is the promise of His coming?" Sometimes the questions and the mockery of the promise is so great I cannot answer all the doubts the devil can throw at me, yet in the deepest part of my being, something has been written like as a pen of iron on a tablet of stone, there reverbrates this truth that is stronger than all the lies hell can throw at me, "What He hath promised, He will perform. What He hath promised He will perform!"

As I began my story earlier...

It was just another ordinary day, and I began it in my usual way with my prayers. I prayed for my children, my village, and my nation. I always ended my prayers with the blessing. I would extend my hands in prayer toward the nation and say,

The Lord Bless thee and keep thee,

the Lord make His face to shine upon thee,

and be gracious to you.

The Lord lift His countenance upon you...

And before I could finish, God broke in right as I had said, "the Lord lift His countenance upon you...

I again felt the fire of his presence, and as I was falling on my face before Him, He spoke to me again and said,

"Simeon ben Simeon, go to the temple."

As I remained on my face before the Lord, He spoke the second time:


"Now?" (questioning voice)

"Now" nodding head in the affirmative.

As I rose to my feet I felt like a 20 year old again in my spirit, but my body told me otherwise, so I grabbed my cloak to keep warm as I headed out the door. Seems the older I got, the colder I got, you know what I mean?

Standing in the street in front of my home, I looked over Jerusalem and saw the city as I had never seen it before, I saw it with hope in my heart. And for the last time in my earthly life, I stretched forth my hands towards the city and finished the blessing, I almost shouted as I said it with gusto,

Talk about it...

Marcia Smith

commented on Dec 5, 2014

Wow, wonderful job!

Maurice Mccarthy

commented on Dec 8, 2014

Marcia, thank you for the kind words. If you like this kind of thing I have written a couple others. I did one on Anna, and also one on the Jewish slave girl who told Naaman there was hope for him.

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