Summary: Have you noticed many of God’s people walking around with faces longer than a hoe-handle? People who praise God, don’t sing the blues.

This Psalm was probably composed following the return from captivity in Babylon. Perhaps those returning had it in their hearts to seek vengeance, or maybe they spent too much time dwelling on all the bad things that had happened to them. But God moved upon the writer of this Psalm to tell them to forget their past hurts, troubles, and problems and begin to dwell upon the favor God was now showing toward His people.

Let’s look at the benefits and reasons for Praising God!

(1) We Can Sing A New Song Because:

(A)Of The Blessing’s Received From God.

"Sing Unto Him A New Song" This phrase implies that God had recently done something for them.

(B) Wouldn’t you sing a new song if you had just been released from bondage?

(C) Wouldn’t you sing a new song if you witnessed the restoration of the temple of God, and the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem?

(D) You see all of these blessings revived the spirit of God’s people, with new hope of favor from God.

(E) With new blessings come new songs. I believe they removed the harps from the willows and re-strung the instruments and began to sing the songs of Zion.

(2) We Can Sing A New Song Because Of Who We Serve.

"Let the children of Zion be joyful in THEIR KING.

(A) We sing because we have a King who rules over us.

Our King is a wise King, a powerful King,(see Ec. 8:4), and He is a good King.

(B) We Sing a New Song Because our King watches over us. We have been made people of His covenant.

His thoughts toward us are of good and not evil.

(D) We Sing A New Song Because Our King has broken the yoke of bondage from every oppressor. When He set me free He didn’t leave me under the rule of satan, or sin. " He Broke the Bonds of Prison For Me, Glory to God He set Me Free!

(3) We Sing A New Song Because:

Verse 3 "The Lord takes pleasure in His people.

(A) He takes pleasure in our praise, our progress, our prosperity. God wishes us to be blessed in every area of our lives.

(B) He takes pleasure in our worship and our service to Him. We are not saved to sit, we are saved to serve.

(C) He takes pleasure in our future destiny.

I believe it brings joy to the heart of the Lord when He thinks about the gift of Heaven He has prepared for us. Our time in Heaven will not be temporal, but will be eternal. "So shall we ever be with the Lord"

(D) I can’t help but Sing A New Song when I think about all He’s done for me.

Think about this statement, "I believe for a child of God to go through life singing the blues is an insult to our God."

(E) Singing A New Song Will Influence Those Around Us.

It testifies of the Goodness of our God.

If you’ve been guilty of singing a wrong song. Or,if you are singing songs which magnify your troubles, you should remember as children of God, He has given us a New Song.

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