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Summary: Examining what it takes to avoid spiritual laziness

Nehemiah possessed five characteristics that helped him avoid becoming spiritually lazy...

1. He was COMMITTED (1:4-11; 2:4)

A. He was committed to call upon God.

B. He was committed to confess to God.

C. He was committed to continue for God.

2. He was CONCERNED (2:1-5)

A. He was concerned about the situation around him.

B. He was concerned for the people around him.

C. He was concerned for the country around him.

3. He CARED (2:17)

A. He cared about his reputation.

B. He cared about God’s reputation.

4. He was CONFIDENT (2:10, 19-20; 4)

A. He faced opposition, but was confident God would intervene.

B. He faced opposition, but was confident God would prevail.

5. He was CONSUMED (3; 4:6)

A. He was consumed with obeying God.

B. He was consumed with following God.

C. He was consumed with giving his all for God.

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