Summary: Stem cell” research is being touted as a means to healing from all sorts of diseases. We need to be careful to see that some of this research is just another attack against unborn children.

Stem Cell Research? Right Or Wrong?

Ps 139:13-16


1. As bible believing Christians we believe that all human life is sacred. From conception to old age, every human being is made in the image of God and needs to be treated with dignity and respect.

2. There are many passages throughout the entire Bible that clearly teach that life begins at conception. Let’s just read one passage today. Turn in your Bibles to Ps 139:13-16

3. Each of our lives were created by God for a purpose. We each have special value to God. We need to treat all human life as sacred and valuable.

4. Today we are dedicating this service to the Sanctity of Human Life. The reason we are doing this is because it is to remind us that on January 22, 1973, the US Supreme Court legalized abortion in the US. Tomorrow is the 34th anniversary of this tragedy. 5. We believe that the Bible clearly teaches in many places that human life begins “at conception” not at birth or implantation and abortion is the unlawful taking of human life. This decision in 1973 by the US Supreme Court has opened the doors to an unprecedented attack on the unborn. It continues even to this day. We as Christians need to vigilant and outspoken. In order to do this we need to educated and kept up on what is going on.

6. Right now we are dealing with an issue called “stem cell” research. Even though it is touted as a means to healing from all sorts of diseases we need to be careful to see that some of this research is just another attack against unborn children.

Ohio Legislations HR3

1. Legislation HR3 was passed in the house on Thursday January 11 by vote of 253 for it and 174 against it.

2. This bill calls for the taxpayers of the US to fund embryonic stem cell research which violates the conscience of many Americans.

3. The vote was mostly a party line vote except that several Republicans voted with the Democrats on this one, including our own Debra Pryce. This bill will now be debated and voted on in the Senate and if it passes will go to the president. This is similar to the bill the President Bush vetoed a few years ago.

4. The new Democratic majority is strongly supporting embryonic stem cell research in favor “taking the shackles off of science”.

5. I would recommend that you contact your senator and representative and let him know what you think.

Embryonic Stem cells

1. There is a lot of talk today about “stem cell” research. Many researchers are promising the healing from all sorts of diseases can be found with stem cell research.

2. Many do not know what all the controversy is actually about. There are many kinds of stem cells that research can be done on. There is one kind that people who believe that all life is sacred should oppose. It is called Embryonic Stem cells. These cells can ONLY be obtained by killing babies in the womb. Or they can be obtained from aborted babies. If this kind of research is legalized it will open a brand new market for selling baby parts. This is an abomination to God.

3. Now some people get confused between Embryonic stem cells and Amniotic stem cells. There is a big difference.

Amniotic stem cells

1. Amniotic stem cells come from the amniotic fluid in the womb and can be obtained without any harm to the baby. Samples of amniotic fluid are routinely taken during a women’s pregnancy for many different reasons. We could support the use of amniotic stem cell research, which just recently has proven to be very helpful in healing diseases.

2. Seven years of research by Wake Forest and Harvard research scientists have shown that stem cells derived from amniotic fluid are found to have greater potential than stem cells from human embryos

3. This provides a source for stem cells without obtaining them from aborted babies or from lab-created-and-destroyed human embryos.

4. This method of obtaining stem cells is medically effective, proven and promising without violating any ethical standards. It can be developed in large quantities and these cells do not develop tumors as embryonic stem cells often do.

5. Amniotic stem cell offer a research line of 100,000 cells. This would satisfy 99 percent of all research needs. Embryonic stem cells yield about 275 stem cell lines. Amniotic stem cells provide every type of stem cell needed for therapy and healing without moral concerns.

Does America support embryonic research?

1. Even though some movie stars like Michael Fox support this kind of research, most of America does not.

2. You will hear that 72% of Americans support embryonic stem cell research. The problem with that claim is that the question was posed in an extremely biased way, and that was ‘AFTER” very persuasive arguments preceded the question.

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