Summary: Putting new cloth unto old garments is not wise.

While Christ the Holy Ghost is with us, we are not supposed to be mourning. The Holy Ghost is with us and comforts us. If you are mourning about your situation, you don’t have perfect peace but you’re zapping the life of Christ out of yourself. To have perfect peace is evidence that the spirit of Jesus dwells in you. Strong, you are and you suppose to bare the infirmities of the weak. That means mourn with those who mourn and weep with those who weep. You can only do this if you have perfect peace. When you have this peace it surpasses all understanding.

The spirit of God is too smart to be understood by flesh and blood. Therefore, he dwells in us and gives us understanding of his will for our life. He gives us power to hold each other up, even if you have to mourn or weep with those whom you love. It’s easy to do this if Jesus lives in your heart and because of Jesus we have perfect peace. People are not going to understand the peace you have because it’s from the Lord. It’s too much for their understanding. That’s why it’s not a good thing to be wise in your own eyes – people like this are sat in their own ways.

Most of the time they are building on what is already here on earth, the powers of this world are partial and are not easily share with others as far as equality goes. To have peace is to know Jesus. In all thy getting get an understanding of who Jesus is. It’s hard to do this if you don’t know the way. You lost if you don’t know the way. You will never know the way being wise in your own eyes. You want know the way because you wise in your own eyes. You will never know the way being wise in your own eyes because you know too much but not enough about Jesus. (Read Matthew 9:15)

Jesus says deny yourself and take up your cross and follow him. He reveals exactly what you know if you do this. This is the fast Jesus is talking about. If you gone find him, you got to come to know the time even when God seems to be no where around. To find the Lord means to deny yourself from the thing you want to do. This is the fast Jesus is talking about. The Lord seems as though he’s not around at times but He is. I’ll never leave you nor forsake you even until the end of the world- you want to believe that with all your heart

Believe that the good Jesus has given you in your heart must never be revealed quickly. Be quick to hear and slow to speak. When you speak to fast, the Lord will hide from you. When you know this, you want let your heart be troubled because you already know the truth, and the truth is what’s making you free. You know the truth. What you know are pearls and they should mean something to you. Why should you give everything you have to other when you really need them for yourself? We are not supposed to be known by no man but the Lord. Learn how to hide sometime for the Lord. Hiding from the Lord and others may something sign?

Hiding from others may be the will of God. (Read Matthew 9:17 Present yourself as a living sacrifice hole and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service. Make the greatest mistake, by ignoring God, because of you reasonable service good makes us look faster than we ever dreamed.

I want you to love the Lord with me and send a seed of 75$ dollar: and God is going to do the rest

Darren T. Sirmans

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