Summary: If we save our life, we shall lose. We shall never forget that God is love

Read 2Chronicles 32: 1-4

The fountain of water is still running. Jesus wants to be the one who shows the spiritual way of life by directing. He guided by the things he did and said. (I’m in the process of making a guess that you already know that) Jesus is God the son of God one who serves as the model for others as in a course of conduct. (Make us free to get along with each other) Teach us about the shod on your feet for the preparation of the gospel of peace, we will trust your word, that Jesus went about doing good; Happiness is peace in doing good; If you show us how to touch many lives the shod on our feet is yours and mine. The fountain of water is still running. The good from your presents is alive. That pamphlet has been set aside, now the carnal man wants to be our adviser, leading and directing by the will of man which is certainly not the will of God,

knowing that, we need Jesus; from his presents we can draw out of assurance, even when the world doesn’t approve of us. Because sin has beating us down with our own weaknesses. The fountain of water is still running. When I was homeless and walking around broke and hungry and looking for my next fix, I never lost hope that God was going to heal me, but only one time, life became so difficult, but by the grace of God that gave me the strength to continue, I was able to hold on by surrendering my will to the will of God. (Don’t you have the promises of God? Because if you do, you’re going to have to speak them, speak them at the shame of not being who you dreamed: speak them at those whom you love: speak them at yourself; everybody is important when it comes down to the promises of God, because he gave us them. Promises that touched our heart; and we wasn’t shame anymore, it’s a good thing to be afraid of God, that’s one thing for sure! The fountain of water is still running. And the fear in your heart of what he could do if he wanted too. All I can tell you my brothers and sisters, is to staying close to God; that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

The fear that lives in my heart is greater than my situation, because I know if I keep praising the Lord and endure persecutions the guided power would become reality for me. Guiding me to the fountain of water, yes he is; he is the fountain of water.

Maybe you have the skills to conduct others and give them the information that they need to hear at times; there’s a time for everything and the light of the world: make time to get to know how Jesus is alive and doing well in you: how we have to separate ourselves from others and knowing the time, so you can have something to indicate the presents of God. Can you feel the presents of God in others when they come around you? When the spirit of God is on the words that we say to others, he wants us to know that he’s there. The fountain of water is running. Here’s a good example! Hezekiah heard the Assyrians which were a powerful army was about to invade Judah and all of Judah heard and was troubled.

The Lord gives Hezekiah the words to say to the people of God. Hezekiah says to the people “Turn the fountain of water off and Be strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed for the King of Assyria, nor for all the multitude that is with him: for there be more with us than with them: With them is a arm of flesh but with us is the Lord our God to help us” After Hezekiah says these words, the Lord honored them and gave Judah the victory and Hezekiah the King of Judah.

The entire nation’s honored him because of those words that came to pass, but his heart was filled with pride. (Pride is what God hates) as a matter of fact, it’s an abomination to God; and he will turn the fountain of water off.

Knowing the spirit of those whom you hang around is important, because this knowledge is a device, a ruler or bar that serves as an indicator. There will be times, that you’re going to meet people, those who don’t know how far to go; they keep right on growing. Jesus will be the regulator that gives knowledge to whoever needs it. Everyone that is a Christian grows up in the righteousness of the knowledge of God. Make sure you’re growing up the way Jesus wants you too. He wants you to be a specter one who guilds the flock by the grace of God. I don’t care how influential your enemies are, at being a textual critic filled with pride. God hates it, because they don’t know the truth about him. The Pharisees were a good example of being critics. It’s not Gods will, as here defined for our enemies to have a place in our life to drop our head, when they get ready. As we go through the wilderness, there is something to always remember, that God has a schoolmistress for each individual that have been born again. It’s more than enough to keep your head up.

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