Summary: We should no blindly accept everything that we hear, rather we should go and study the Bible before we make a decision

1 John 4:1-6

Test the Spirits


A. It is almost the end of the school year

B. Such a joyous time for all kids and teachers

C. What normally happens at the end of the school year

D. It is called finals

E. Test based on everything that you were suppose to learn throughout the year

F. They are tough

G. What if someone who you did not know came up to you and said that he has the answer to every single question.

H. However, if he is wrong you will certainly fail the year.

I. Would you take them?

J. False teacher basically do that.

K. They come and offer you some the answers. However are they right?

L. Probably not.

M. Let’s figure out how to make sure that we are getting the right answers.

N. First we have to take the test, and then we have to evaluate it.

I. The Test (1-3)

A. Explanation

1. Once again, olde Rev. Zerbe, I meant John is at it again with his dear friends, wanting to convey his love for his people

2. John is giving out a strict warning. This is not a casual oh by the way. This is a very firm warning

3. Some of the first readers of this epistle were beginning to believe some false prophets

4. There were starting to believe some of these teachings. That is what John is worried about

5. Here is the greatest things it is not too difficult to take the test

6. First of all “Spirit” could be translated “Teaching”

7. So if the teaching or spirit acknowledges everything about Jesus that we have read in the Bible then it is good

8. But any variation from the scripture then it is bad

9. The world does not belong to us. We are not of this world

10. The world therefore then is a lecture hall fro these false prophets

B. Application

1. What does this mean to us today?

2. WE are not any different 2000 years later

3. I wonder sometimes if John realizes the relevance of his mess gage would be to us 2000 years later?

4. False teachings are not a joke they are an serious issue

5. If you hear something that seems out of the ordinary look it up in the Bible and see for yourself.

6. Test the teachings, test the spirits

C. Illustration

1. Since 9-11 there has been much stricter security. Walking through metal detectors is a way of life.

a) Many people have complained about being unconvinced. They have said there privacy is being invaded

b) Who cares! They do those things to save lives

2. We test spirits in the same way. Yes it takes a while maybe and might seem to be an inconvenient some times. But in reality it can and does save lives.

3. Oh let me mention on more thing under this point. Notice is says that if they acknowledge that Jesus is God. They then pass the test.

a) It is important to mention because it does not say as long as they are CMA or as long as they are Baptist. Denominations are not mentioned here. As long as the basics are there consider other Churches as our friends.

II. The Evaluation (4-6)

A. Explanation

1. John starts off with You in the first word of the sentence. You is there for emphasis. You, Yes You, who are from God

a) This way there is no doubt that they are from God

2. The one who is in you, you being Children of God, is greater then the one on earth

3. This is to encourage you. This is to stregten you

4. Overcome whom? Overcome them. Them is the false teachers

5. World is mentioned 3 times in this one vs. that is a lot. I wonder what the significance behind that is.

a) In this case the world is “those who are hostile to God”

6. The false prophets are from the world. They think from the world they act from the world they get their goals from the word.

7. Satan is the prince of the World (John 12:31)

8. Here is the thing though the world will listen to them.

9. If you are not of Jesus you are of the world

10. The world will listen to the false teachers

11. That is why we have some of the problems that we do today.

12. Vs 6 is a good verse. It gives us hope and confidence

13. It helps put things in proper perspective. Our leaders in Kid’s Klub need to come to grips with this verse (read 6)

14. It explains a lot to us

B. Application

1. How does this fit into our lives

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