Summary: The Power of "Why?" How can we get "good and ready," to take needed action sooner?!

The Abundant Life of Jesus:

Part IV: The Power of Why!

John 10:10 & Luke 11:28

Intro: Today we’re going to follow up on the last sermon which left

us with the problem of "How to get good and ready." Remember,

we’ll stop procrastinating and start doing the things we know we


We’ll also deal more directly with the # 1 obstacle, sabotaging

pattern of behavior, keeping most people from living the Abundant

Life of Jesus: Procrastination, and we’re not "putting it off."


Well, a part of the secret to getting ready sooner is the proper use of

QUESTIONS?!! And "Why" questions are among the best.

For the first time in a long time, we DON’T have 3 teenagers. Our

oldest child, Joy, just turned 20, she called and told me she was

feeling old, oh, don’t you feel sorry for her.

But it reminds me of a time, way back in New York, when we

adopted her, (she was adopted as a baby from Korea) we worked

with a Christian adoption agency in Syracuse. The time came

when they were to come and inteview us; the man’s name was

"Bear." Mr. Bear was a good christian guy.

Anyway, we told Joy, who was about 2 then, that "Mr. Bear" was

coming to visit with us. I didn’t think much about it, but Joy

seemed uneasy. The day came and she was real nervous and when

the guy finally came, she said, "You’re not ’Mr. Bear.’"

She was expecting a real, furry bear.

Kids are great, did you hear about the updated version of

Goldilocks? Well, she sued the 3 bears, the porridge was too hot,

the judge and the jury awarded her the house, and the bears were

forced into homelessness, somewhere out west.

When we talk about the Abundant Life of Jesus, it sounds too good

to be true. It sounds like Snow White, Prince Charming or

something. But, Jesus DIED to make this happen. And further,

it would make Jesus the meanest sort of person to OFFER such a

life, but then not REALLY let anyone actually live it, like teasing

a child, or animal mercilessly.

So it must be possible, more, it must be HIS desire for ALL who

want it. The picture of this life, I think is found in Luke 5:1-11 and

Gal. 5:22-23. The miraculous catch: He threw the net and the nets

were full, breaking and the boat was sinking under the

ABUNDANCE! The abundance of WHAT? Of: Love, Joy, Peace,

Patience, etc. the fruit of the Spirit.

Are OUR NETS BURSTING, and are our boats sinking under the

weight? "But, Pastor, I would LOVE to live that kind of life, but I

can’t, I’m not that determined, I’ve got lots of problems, I just can’t,"

you may be saying in your mind, "and now you’re making me feel

guilty for NOT living it!"

Well, there’s hope and the questions we used last week can help,

remember: Who does What, When, Why, Where, How, and How


Questions are great, Jesus used them. Psychologically our brains

are "wired" so that, if we ask a question, we have to find an answer.

Our minds can’t endure unanswered questions; it forces us to think.

For instance, "Why can’t I lose weight?" Our minds will find an

answer, but the nature of this question always yields a NEGATIVE

answer. "Well, because I’m too fat, I have no will power, I’m big

boned, I’m Italian."

Better, "How can I lose weight and enjoy the process?" Much

better! And your mind will answer, "Learn to love vegetables, fruit,

exercise, find a friend, join a gym, etc." Better.

The wise use of questions can do wonders in our battle against

procrastination and many other problems of life.

Jesus is famous for using questions to literally force his ENEMIES

to THINK in his direction. For instance, in Mark 3:1-6, the story

of Jesus healing the man with the withered hand, Jesus asks the

Pharisees, "Is it lawful to do good or evil on the Sabbath?" Now

they CAN’T NOT answer this.

They HAVE to say, "Well, to do good!" And in the context, he

says, in effect (this is not a quote, but an inference) "Let’s let God

decide." Jesus then calls the man forward, DOES NOT TOUCH

HIM, lay hands on him, rebuke the affliction, or speak to the illness

in any way! He simply says, "Stretch forth your hand." He did and

it became whole!

Who healed him? God! God answered the question! Both in the

minds of his enemies, and in fact.

When it comes to THE ABUNDANT LIFE, answering all those

questions will yield the information we need to actually live that

life: Who does What, When, Why, Where, How and How Long.

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