Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: What is the basis for making judgments of others? Jesus teaches how one’s fruit will expose the heart as well as the choice in life.


A. The Dangers of In/Out of Context

1. Key Verse of S.O.M. - Matthew 5:20

a. The Setting - Jesus Has Just Called The Disciples

All they had for examples before Jesus was the Pharisee and Scribes. Jesus needed to show them his way of life was different.

b. The LAW was all they had up to this point

Galatians 3:23-25

2. Chapter 5 - The Law Guided to Jesus - Jesus added The Heart

a. Began explaining difference with the Beattitudes

b. The SALT and The LIGHT - The disciples were the exmples

c. So are WE the EXAMPLES - We Must Be Different

B. The Motive

1. Chapter 6 Questioned Your Motive

C. Your Judgments of Others - Chapter 7:1-6

1. 1-6 Jesus called on disciples to make certain judgments (just as Pharisees had been required.)

a. Not in a Vertical Manner but Horizontal Manner. All have sinned and we never know when what we may judge another for would happen to us. (Galatians 6)

b. Judgements were required of only other believers (must know when to move on)

c. How do you make those judgments?

2. 7-12 Jesus Suggested Prayer (Ask God for wisdom)

a. Ask - with Persistence

b. Seek - God with all your heart

c. Knock - Knock on doors and Stand up to Doors of Obstacle

d. Only of Believers (Not the righteous Pharisees)

e. The Guiding Principle (Vs. 12) Suppose the situation was reversed?

D. The Basis For Making Those Judgments (Verses 13-20)


A. THE 2 WAYS (VERSES 13-14)

1. The Broad Way - The Popular Way -Hell

a. Why is the Broad Way Easy?

b. If it feels good - do it!

c. No Persecution - Be Popular - Be Successful - Be Wealthy for Selfish

2. The Narrow Way - Very Costly - Heaven

a. Nothing Worthwhile is easy

b. Persecution bring Pain - But Pain brings Reward

1. 5:1-12 The Rewards will Come


1. Good Tree - Fruit Matches Tree

a. The Pharisees were making good talk but their fruit wasn’t matching

b. God was not their Monarch but their Mascot

1. Page 32 - "Finding Significance in an Insignificant Place"

2. Vs. 20 - Key Verse

They will know you

So will the Master

What Fruit are you producing?

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