Summary: There is a battle for our hearts. God wants us to win the battle.

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One of the most famous battles of WW II happened near the end of the war. Hitler had decided to launch a major offensive in the West against allied troops and retake the town of Antwerp in Belgium. On December 16, 1944 the Battle of the Bulge began.

Famous battles are part of our history. If you love history like I do then you know there are heroes and villains intertwined throughout the story. Like a well written novel, good and evil enter into a battle for the heart and soul of a Christian, Church and Country.

Many Christians today would say that Satan has launched a major offensive for the heart of America. And perhaps, America is

losing the battle. Could it be that Jesus has a much simpler task in front of us? That maybe we, as Christians, should be looking to win the smaller victories in the major offensive so ultimately we win the battle.

There was another person who had a profound impact in WW II. She wasn’t in Europe she was in Japan, Tokyo to be exact. Her name was Iva Toguri but she got labeled with a name that made her famous, Tokyo Rose.

Propaganda plays a significant part in war. It’s a tool of the

enemy to cause people to give up and quit fighting for what is good and right.

That’s what our text is all about. The Battle for the Heart is taking place in the front lines of every heart today rather we realize it or not.

Our verse says to not grow weary in the fight for good, in due time, we will win IF….we do not give up. How do we give up?

We lose heart...Notice our verse…..Galatians 6:9

If you’ll walk through the battle front with me in Galatians 6 you’ll see the stage being set. Paul writes about the importance of restoration after someone sins in Gal.6:1, because we all do sin, and then he speaks of helping out another Christian by bearing each other’s burdens.

Then he says something striking in v.6 those who are taught the word share in all good things with the ones who teach the Word.

He goes on to say we “reap what we sow.” (v.7)

You could say that the gist of the chapter is be a blessing in the battle. Don’t stand in reserve when those on the front lines are getting beat up and kicked around.

Why? Because here in v.9 is where the battle is raging. Too many are giving in and giving up. The Battle for the Heart has to do with salvation but it also has to do with being faithful to the LORD.

Notice three battle lines that are drawn in our hearts:

I. We Prepare for Battle

“And let us not grow weary while doing good.”

This text is written to the church. To Christians who are in the battle. We are constantly bombarded with the idea what good am I really doing. The onslaught of the enemy is centered around why keep on keeping on when I am only one person.

We have financial problems, work problems, car problems,

family problems and problem problems. When strife enters the areas of our lives it doesn’t take long to know we are in the battle.

We get weary. Exhausted worn out and burned out. Why do good when it doesn’t seem to be making a dent anyway?

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