Summary: So, JESUS, our SAVIOR went to heaven, and then...

There is a brief but beautiful description of how our SAVIOR went to heaven. Luke 24:50-51. He led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, note that this is where HIS friends lived, HE lifted up HIS hands and was blessing them, and then HE left them and was taken to heaven. In Acts, it is recorded that HE said we will receive power and we will be HIS witnesses. Then HE was taken up, before their very eyes, and a cloud hid HIM from their sight. Then two men came and told them that the same JESUS will come back in the same style HE left.

These are the kinds of narrations that make you want to see JESUS now, like now! I know you miss HIM Beloved, but good things come to those who wait. So, wait patiently. And as the two men dressed in white implied, we should not stand staring into the sky but rather as JESUS said, we are HIS witnesses in all the earth as we have HIS HOLY SPIRIT. HE will come, beloved, HE will come, but HE better find you doing HIS work and not beating the workers. Luke 12:42-47. Understand what the MASTER wants and do it.

Beloved, JESUS went to heaven blessing you. It is recorded that while He was blessing them, HE left them and was taken into heaven. It is not recorded that JESUS has stopped blessing us. HE has not stopped blessing you, and filling you with HIS SPIRIT and blessing. HE is blessing you now, but there is no such thing as a free lunch, you do your part. JESUS will return. Yes, and He is still blessing you.

JESUS loves us very much. Right from before creation, HE was slain. HE has a plan. We may not understand this plan. HE says in Acts 1:7 that it is not for us to know the times and or dates the FATHER has set by HIS own authority, but HE has given us power. You know, Beloved, as humans we want and have physical expectations and explanations, but our walk is by faith. JESUS loves us, even if you have never seen HIM, believe this and do your part. He loves you. HE did not go into heaven and forget you, HE went to heaven and you are included in HIS plan right from before creation. Beloved, JESUS has not forgotten you. HE loves you very much, be pleasing to HIM and do what HE has told you.

JESUS will come back. Everybody knows this. They only deny it to confuse Christians. Ask yourself what’s the point of this entire worldwide superhero craze. The enemy knows that JESUS will come and annihilate His enemies and there is nothing they can do to stop HIM. So, they put all sorts of stupid and foolish ideas into our minds and the minds of our children about some battalion and confederacy in the sky that will save them. Beloved, only JESUS can save you, no one and nothing else can. HE is The Salvation of GOD. YESHUA, The MOST HIGH saves, The MOST HIGH our Salvation. JESUS is coming back, for real!.. and only HE is the SAVIOR.

JESUS is strengthening us. HE is giving us power. Yes, it is present. HE empowers us all the time. The HOLY SPIRIT is not on vacation. The HOLY SPIRIT has not abandoned the Body of CHRIST. HE is still empowering us now. HE is our Strength. Psalms 27; The LORD is my Light and my Salvation, who shall I fear. Don’t forget the other one, I can do all things through CHRIST my strength and Acts 1:8, you will receive power when The HOLY spirit comes on you. This power, Beloved, this strength is to be HIS witnesses and to do related works not to engage in strange acts and things. This power that was present at creation and at the resurrection is to enable us to be HIS witnesses, not to do drama on pulpits. This power is the power behind The One that said signs and wonders shall follow the preaching of His gospel. Beloved, don’t lose heart, regain your confidence, it’s JESUS doing all the work. Didn’t HE say outside HIM you can do nothing. So go on, do the work and give Him all the glory because it is HIS work, you are HIS work, HIS workmanship, the work of HIS hands. so, stop eating the glory of GOD. HE has a way of coming and reclaiming it, and/or putting you back in place and you may not like it. Humble yourself. When you mournfully and emotionally sing , " All glory, all power, all honor to YOU..." mean it!.. actions do speak louder than words.

Beloved, JESUS will show you the way. HE is the Way, the Truth and The Life. HE said, you will hear a voice saying ‘ ..this is the way walk in it’. Unfortunately, sometimes, we are so deaf, we have to experience painful closed doors, because we either are not listening, or we are hearing many voices that are not from our SHEPHERD. Even you as an adult, you close doors for children who are walking into danger. If you being as evil as you are do this, how do you expect The MOST HIGH to open every single door you demand HIM to open. It doesn’t work like that, Beloved. God is our FATHER and some doors, HE closes for your good. JESUS is the Way, follow HIM, not your friends and everybody else. Follow Him, do what he says. HE will show you the way patiently or sternly depending on how stubborn a sheep you are. But He also will leave the ninety nine and go after you. You are that precious to HIM.

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