Summary: Why salvation? Well other then the fact of eternal life with the Creator (which should be enough) there are some other benifits too

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Romans 5:1-11

Getting on the Same Pages As God About Benefits of Salvation


A. When you are looking for a new job there are many factors you need to consider

B. Such as where is it, how many hours do they want me for, what will I be doing, how many employees are their, and What is the salary.

C. There is also another important factor. Benefits. What type of Benefits does the job offer?

D. If health insurance is $300 a month and one job is offering $10 an hr with no health insurance and another job is offering $9 with full medical, Which one if better?

E. The $9.00 an hour. You will make an extra $116 a month

F. See Benefits are important to us

G. They make a big difference

H. We have been going through Romans and we have discovered

a. We are all guilty

b. None of us gain entrance into heaven by what we do

c. God has provided salvation

d. And we can receive salvation by faith

I. Which brings us to chapter 5.

J. Chapter five can be broken up into two parts, The Benefits of Salvation and The Basis for Salvation

K. Today we are going to be looking at the benefits of Salvation Specifically

a. Peace

b. Joy

c. And Hope

I. Peace

A. Explanation

1. The first benefit is hope

2. Read Vs. 1 with lack of enthusiasm

3. When you look it like that you miss the point

4. I thought about this for a long time

5. Why do we not get exited about the word peace hear?

6. Why do we read it like to quote Sinfield “yada yada yada”

7. After kicking it around for a while I came up with two reasons

a) We do not know what peace means

b) We have used the word some much that it has lost it meaning

8. If you turn on the news watch 10 minutes, or the 11 at 11 I guarantee you will find out that this world does not have peace

9. We have 100,000 troops fighting to gain “Peace”

10. We have Kids shooting teachers, we have kids shooting kids, community with drug epidemics, we have hepatitis break outs, we have families who fight constantly, we have bosses on our backs for 50+ hrs a week, trying to provide a life for our families that is better then what we had

11. Obviously, we are often in turmoil

B. Application

1. What is peace? And where can I get some!?

C. Illustration

1. There was a young assistant diplomat who was sent on a very important diplomatic meeting. He was staying at the guesthouse of the government. He tried to sleep and tried to sleep and just could not fall asleep. In the middle of the night he woke up the Butler and told the Butler he could not sleep because he was afraid that he would do something wrong and mess up all diplomatic efforts. The Butler said to him “Do you believer God ruled the earth before you were born. Yes I do. “Do you believe that God will rule the earth after you are gone?” Of course. Then sire, why not let him rule the present too?

2. Peace is willing to let God rule over everything

3. Unfortunately we have little control in a lot of things that happen to us

4. Peace is saying “God you do it”

5. In Mathew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

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