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Summary: Dispelling the myths about the Bible, and its origins

The Bible Is The Word of God


Over the centuries Christians have been screaming just give us a reason to prove that the Bible is wrong. Give a reason to prove that it’s not the inspired word of God. Give us a reason to believe that its contradictions an errors and inaccuracies’. Give us a reason proof it archeology, prove that the Bible is wrong scientifically. Prove that the Bible is wrong historically. Just give us a reason.

You know over thousands of years countless men and women have made it their mission to destroy the Bible and its credibility. The world has been gunning for the Bible for thousands of years, trying to disprove and discredit it. That it’s not the word of God. Men and women have made every breath of their life dedicated to destroying the credibility of the Bible. One of the greatest stories of this is the famous writer Voltaire in the 1700’s who claimed “in 100 years” Voltaire said “the Bible will be forgotten and I will make sure of it.” Well guess what happened… 100 years later Voltaire was long since dead when the Geneva Bible Society actually purchased his house to print Bible’s out of it. Voltaire was wrong. In 100 years the Bible was not going to be forgotten. Countless men and women have made it their life mission and focused every single breath on discrediting the word of God, Yet the Bible stands true.

You know one of the most common things I hear time after time is this whole business of translation error and I can understand this misconception. People will come to me and they will say “Kyle how can the Bible be accurate when it’s been translated from language to language to language to language to language to language and eventually to English. I mean there is no way that can be true” And I have to admit that would be a major problem. You know it’s like the telephone game. You say one thing pass it on pass it on pass it on by the end it’s not at all what you said. However it is a misconception because we have over 6000 copies of the New Testament, for example that all say the same thing. The Bible that we have today is not a translation that is worked from language to language to language to language to language to language to English. It’s actually a one-step translation straight from the Greek manuscripts that we have into English. So you don’t have that problem you don’t have that discrepancy. One version might say Jesus Christ and another copy might say Jesus. You have very minor grammatical inconsistencies over the 6000 copies. But they all say the same thing and they are a direct translation to English.

One of the reasons I firmly believe the Bible is in fact the word of God is because archeology supports it. Year after year archeological digs are unearthed that consistently prove the Bibles accuracy there is not one archeology finding that has ever flown of the face of the Bible. I mean how is that possible?

One of the main problems with the Bible for many skeptics for a very long time had everything to do with the crucifixion, because for so very long man said there is no way that Rome crucified men. We have no proof of that yet the Bible hangs on this story of Jesus being crucified then risen again three days later. How is that possible Rome didn’t do this. However in 1968 we dug up proof that the Romans did indeed crucify men. For so long that the huge criticism was there that there is no such person as Pontius Pilate, who was at the trial of Jesus. Yet in 1961 proof was discovered. The same can be said concerning Caiaphas who was a high priest. 1990 we dug up proof that Caiaphas indeed existed. We have unearth so many cities that historians have said we can’t believe the Bible because we have never even heard of this city, we have never heard of this nation we have never heard of this ruler and then Whoops! One by one, year after year dug up proven that the Bible is indeed 100% accurate. Archeology proves the Bible is the word of God. I believe that the Bible is the word of Gob because science agrees. Yes I said science. You see the Bible is so far ahead of its time when it has to do with science. I look at verses like Isaiah 51:13. It says “that the stars in the Heavens can never be counted”. Remember that this was written at a time when all of man firmly believed that with the world being flat that what we saw in the sky was what we saw. And while it would be a daunting task you could actually count the stars man thought. I mean you all have been outside on a dark night out in the country. My friends and I got out to the edge of Canada every year and we go out at night and its pitch black and the stars make the sky look dirty there are so many of them. But if that were all the stars there were, it would be hard but I could see how they could be counted and that’s what man thought. But the Bible went against that and said there is no way you can count them. We now understand clearly that the stars could never be counted, exactly what the Bible had said that flew in the face of common thinking of that time.

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