Summary: In our new technologically advanced society the idea of a “Superman” or “Superwoman” has given birth to “Transhumanism. Will it lead to a “Singularity” of machine and humanity creating a hybrid species? A.I. instead of the Great I AM? What about prophecy

The Biblical Road Map to Now

Genesis 1:10

Matthew 24:36-39

Last week we celebrated Pentecost Sunday which is referred to as the “Birth of the Church”

Well as we know if something is born it must also grow develop and go through various stages or ages.

I believe that we are nearing an age when “The Church Age” is coming to a rapid close.

Supporting my opinion are the “Signs of the Times” and the Biblical Prophecies that Jesus and Old Testament

Prophets said would happen.

This morning we will look at one such prophecy that Jesus points us to in Matthew 24 that directs the Disciples to “The Days of Noah” in Genesis 6.

To preface this message I want you to watch two short videos that suggest such prophecies are coming true in our lifetimes.

Video #1. What is Singularity? 3 Min.

Video #2. The Last Religion 4 Min.

Now let’s turn to Gods word to see how all this relates to Matthew 24 and Genesis Chapter 6.

You can see the basic timeline of Biblical Events on the bottom of the screen.

Theologians and Bible students agree that we are in “The Last Days” which begin with “The End of the Church Age”.

As pointed out last week we see the decline of Christianity in the Western world as an alarming and worrisome circumstance. Still the Church or Body of Christ all around the world continues despite rejection from and a general falling away by both our worldly culture and people even within the Church.

Take heart some very exciting things are just around the corner.

We are not the first followers of Jesus to be concerned with the “Things to Come” or “Timeline of the Bible”.

The Disciples wondered after these things and put three very important and common question to Jesus concerning His Second Coming.

Jesus pointed them and us to take a look at Genesis 6 in order to get some context about the time to expect His Second Coming.

Strangely Genesis Chapter 6 is to have some bearing on what it will be like during the time when we can expect Jesus to return.

As we read this passage we discover creatures or beings that are new to us. We learn about a group of beings described as “The Sons of God” and another kind of creature are being described as “The Nephilim” or “Giants”.

The Bible tells us that these Sons of God are Angelic beings who have fallen from their first estate or place in creation. They are now on the Earth and have taken for themselves (wives) from among the human beings God has created.

At this time a mixing of the gene pool occurs resulting in a half breed creature known as “The Nephilim.

Both Jewish and Christian theologians have come to this realization. We Christians however have been a little slow in accepting this narrative.

The three traditional views are on the screen.

Scripture supports scripture and when it does it leaves no doubt as to the conclusions. For this reason we can search the scriptures and see that the words “Sons of God” always refer to what we know as Angelic beings.

Here we see God draw a red line for Human beings and this half-bred race called the “Nephilim or Giants.” The Flood will come in 120 years.

God’s judgement is going to be exacted against the events occurring on Earth. However God finds one man and his family to spare.

It is very, very unusual to see any human being referred to as “Perfect” K.J.V.. Only God is perfect so what can this phrase mean?

Noah was a just man meaning he feared God. Noah was perfect in his generations can be taken to mean that his bloodline or genetic family tree had not been corrupted by the Nephilim or Fallen Ones”. God could continue the Human Race through the line of Noah while the rest of humanity would be wiped out.

The idea of a “Superman” is nothing new. Adolph Hitler was actively pursuing it though “Eugenics” or purifying the human gene pool by eliminating weaknesses and imperfections. His idea of the Aryan race. In our new technologically advanced society the idea of a “Superman” or “Superwoman” has given birth to “Transhumanism that will lead to a “Singularity” of machine and humanity creating a hybrid species such as never has existed.

Our culture and history have been hinting at this eventuality for nearly the last 200 years but the Bible and Jesus warned us millennia ago. You may remember some of these books and movies.

In or time man believes he can be his own god by creating a more highly intelligent being that will not die but continue to improve itself and our world to bring about a utopia like the original Garden of Eden. But in our NEW Garden we will not be answerable to God.

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