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Summary: We all start off as children but we must grow.

The Christian and His New Bicycle

1. Bike story

2. Lincoln quote - fool some of the people....

3. 1John 2:6 :Whoever claims to live in Him, must walk as Jesus walked”

a. Sunday School debate - insert the word “try”

b. pick sport - not the best but we still play. “TRY”

c. Disneyworld/MGM false fronts - no substance

d. license plate story

e. character is what you are when no one’s watching - also when you

stand up for Jesus 1 Samuel 16:7

f. not easy - people are watching/waiting for you to mess up.

g. hard heart

4. Identify with Moses - fire 1st time here.

a. God tells him to go to Pharaoh.

5. Analyze Exodus 4:1-13

a. v1-questions God. What if you’re wrong, God? no confidence

b. v2-ordinary staff, extraordinary in God’s hands sign of authority and

protection. Becomes serpent, Egypt’s symbol. Cobra on headdress.

c. v4-faith of Moses. By the tail. Leaning to do what God tells him to do.

d. v6-God’s power over dread diseases. Moses, as ambassador of God,

had power to inflict sicknesses.

e. v9-sign of judgment. Wasn’t turned back into water.

f. v10-Moses tries new approach. Acts 7:22 “Moses was learned in all the

wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds.”

g. v11-Not news to God. verse 12

h. v13-truth comes out. Moses is UNWILLING not unable.

6. Ananias - Acts 9 disciple from Damascus Saul’s conversion.

7. Bill McCartney - Colorado coach 1990/Nat’l champs/ridiculed for leaving/

persecuted-daughter 2 kids by 2 players. 4,200-1992 to 50,00-1997

8. Common people just like us. List goes on

9. Difference/Common denominator - God. We are God’s instruments.

God is always with us and we can step out in faith, no matter what

the cost. I am just a mouthpiece. Without God, I am nothing.

10. We all feel we are incompetent in some areas and that holds us back.

It keeps us from moving forward in life. We become false fronts with

no substance. Moses felt this way. I struggled with this for long time.

11. We are called to serve. Not easy

a. We promise to serve God, in turn He promises to be with us.

b. Phil. 4:13 “I can do everything in Him who strengthens me.:

c. Romans 8:31 “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

12. Bike story ending

a. Dad golfing, fishing, working, just not around.

b. Mom doing dishes, changing oil, working because dad’s not around.

13. Boy kept trying.

a. Bike is our Christianity, our walk with Jesus.

b. Bible is the owners manual. Thick. Hard to read/understand.

Jesus is the 800#. Have a little talk with Jesus.

14. God, our heavenly Father, is never to busy to help us ride our bike.

We just have to be willing to ask Him.

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