Summary: The works of the flesh are a dangerous proposition


GALATIANS 5. 16 - 26


„³ V. 21 - shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

„³ 1 Cor 6.9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

„³ More dangerous than death.

„³ More dangerous than destruction. The dangers of these deeds is eternal separation from all that is good. From all that is God, from all that is nice. It is eternal suffering. Eternally dying, but no hope of death. Flames, torments, wailing, weeping, gnashing of teeth.

„³ If God is righteous, then people must live righteous lives in order to be accepted by Him. People ignore the fact of God’s righteousness & His demand for righteousness. People profess religion, practice religion, talk religion, defend their beliefs about religion, but live however they want to live. If they want something, they get it believing that God will forgive them for it. There are few people who really think that God will reject them.

„³ Most people think that God will just accept them. False concept of God, belief that God is an indulgent father that gives His children some license to sin & do wrong.


„³ Adultery - sexual unfaithfulness to a wife or a husband. looking on a woman or a man to lust after them. Person, magazine, books, beaches, hallways, classrooms, church. Imagining & lusting within the heart is the same as committing the act of sexual act.

„³ Fornication - includes all forms of immoral & sexual acts. Premarital sex & adultery.

„³ Uncleanness - moral impurity - things that dirty, pollute & soil life.

„³ Lasciviousness - filthiness, shamelessness - open & shameless indecency. Unrestrained evil thoughts & behavior. Knowing no restraint - sinned so much that he no longer cares what people say or think.

„³ Idolatry - the worship of idols. Giving primary devotion to something other than God. (Time & energy) to anything that is not God.

„³ Witchcraft - sorcery - the use of drugs or evil spirits to gain control over the lives of others or over one¡¦s own life. Astrology - palm reading, seances, fortune telling, crystals, etc.

„³ Hatred - enmity, hostility - hatred that lingers & is held for a long, long time - a hatred that is deep w/in.

„³ Variance - strife, discord, fighting struggling. Doing whatever has to be done to get what he/she is after.

„³ Emulations - jealousy - wanting & desiring to have what someone else has. Covetousness.

„³ Wrath - bursts of anger, violent, explosive temper. Anger fades away as quickly as it came.

„³ Strife - struggle, fight, a cliquish spirit.

„³ Seditions - division, rebellion, standing against others. A house divided...

„³ Heresies - rejecting the fundamental beliefs of God, Christ, & the ss, & the Church; believing & holding to some teaching other than the truth.

„³ Envyings - beyond jealousy - the spirit that wants not only the things that another person has, but resents the fact that the person has them.

„³ Murders - to kill, to take the life of another - sixth commandment.

„³ Drunkenness - drink or drugs to affect senses for lust or pleasure.

„³ Revellings - uncontrolled license - indulgence, & pleasure - feeding the lusts of the flesh.


„³ 1 Cor 3.1-3

„³ the church does not realize their position in Christ as a result of the cross of Calvary. There are too many folks in the Church that are lost. Too many that are unconcerned, too many that are undedicated, too many that are uncaring, too many that are critical. We should be changing the world w/ the gospel. We should be letting the message of the cross engulf our lives to the point of pure spirituality. We should be forsaking all in order to win Christ. In order to be counted, to be considered as a child of God.

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