Summary: Love, love, love. We hear that word trown around like it is no big deal. What is true love. True love comes from God

The Definition of True Love

I John 3:11-24


A. Love. Hmm many many different thoughts come to our mind, what are

some though that come to yours? (Husband, work, dogs etc…)

B. How about love for God? What type of Love does God want from us? How

do we know if we are in love. What does reaching out to our neighbors relate to


C. We are going to look at three components of love.

D. Want to guess who wrote I John? How about John! Yeah that was an easy


E. John just got done talking about love of the world and being Children of God,

now he ventures into talking about love, true love.

F. We are going to look at three components of love.

I. The Wrong (11-15)

II. The Right (16-20)

III. The Results (21-24)

I. The Wrong (11-15)

A. Explanation

1. John reminds us in vs. 11 something that we all know. This is the basic building block of life

2. Cain chose to use “Inferior building material.” His motives were not focused on love. His brother’s motives were focused on love.

3. Showing this honest love will cause some to hate you. You need to get over that.

4. Hate is bad. It only leaves to destruction (15)

5. Listen up, hate will only bring death!

B. Application

1. What do you want your life to be build out of bricks, or “Inferior building material”

2. If your heart is not pure, it will lead to destruction, there is just no way of getting around that.

3. Without love – Destruction!

C. Illustration

The three little pigs and the big bad wolf. I’m going to huff and puff and blow your house down.

II. The Right (16-20)

A. Explanation

1. Jesus laid his life down for us. (AMEN?)

2. So because Jesus did that for us, John concludes that we should do that for our neighbors.

3. If you see someone in need and do not help him, how can you have the love of God?

4. Get This, Love without action is worthless!

5. We often wonder how in the world we can tell if our actions our out of love, God is above that. He is greater then our hearts, he controls our heart, our hearts will tell us.

B. Application

1. Do we even know our neighbors; can we say that we are reaching out in love to our neighbors?

2. What can you give out of you material possession to show the love of God you have? Maybe it is a cup of coffee or some cookies, or maybe it is just lending your ear for and hour.

3. We can talk about love all we want, but talk is cheep!

4. God controls our heart, we know what is right and what is wrong

C. Illustration. The cute little kids who did not want presents for there themselves for their birthday, but rather for unfortunate kids, the reaching out in love!

III. The Rules (21-24)

A. Explanation

1. If our hearts, which our controlled by God, are not giving us any problems, then we should be confident we the God will give us what we ask for. Isn’t that amazing?!?!

2. However, that is if we are obeying his commands.

3. So what does he command us to do? Here it is -- Simply believe in Jesus and love one another.

4. God’s Spirit will live in us. (Amen?)

B. Application

1. God will control our hearts

2. If we are acting in love God will give us what we ask for

3. God wants the best for us. We just need to be faithful to God’s Command.


So now that we are educated about love, what does that mean to Bakerstown Alliance Church?

A. I would say that we have a love in this Church. I have seen this Church come together and show our Church family love

B. Notice Vs 21-22, God will give us anything we ask if we obey his commands

C. That command is to love.

D. We need to love our neighbors. WE have the love. We have the resources.

E. Do we want this church to Grow?

F. Isn’t what we always say.

G. We have the love. We need to show that love.

H. Lets use our love to reach the community, this country, this world.

I. Let have people model their ministry after our ministry of love!

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