Summary: What envy does to a life

We need to learn three things about handling envy in our lives, whether we are the ones envying or the ones being envied.

1. The REASONS for Envy (37:1-11)

A. The brothers knew Joseph was favored (37:3-4)

B. Joseph received special treatment (37:3)

C. God spoke to Joseph (37:5-11)

D. Joseph knew how God would use him (37:5-11)

What we learn...

1) In some cases being envied can be avoided, in others it cannot.

2) You can do something about the physical reasons for envy.

3) You can’t do anything about the spiritual reasons for envy.

2. The REACTION to Envy (37:12-33)

A. The brothers plotted against Joseph (37:12-20)

B. The brothers harmed Joseph (37:21-24)

C. The brothers used Joseph for their personal gain (37:25-28)

D. The brothers lied about Joseph (37:29-33)

3. The RESPONSE to Envy (45:1-20; 50:15-21)

A. The brothers responded by repenting and asking for forgiveness (45:15)

B. Joseph responsed by being a blessing to his brothers (45:1-7)

C. Joseph responded by ministering to the brothers (45:8-20)

D. Joseph responded by forgiving the brothers (50:15-21)

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