Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Examining how to have a strong family foundation

Four cornerstones of a strong family foundation:

1. Dedication (v. 14a)

A. Joshua was dedicated to God

B. Joshua was dedicated to his family.

C. Joshua was dedicated to worship.

2. Demolition (v. 14b)

A. Joshua knew that everyone would have a "god"

B. Joshua knew that people could serve only one "god"

C. Joshua knew that the people had a decision to make

3. Determination (v. 15)

Joshua could have "gone along with the flow," but chose to be determined to serve God. He stressed that the other people could make their own choice, but that he would serve God. That requires determination.

4. Demonstration (v. 15)

As Joshua served God, he was demonstrating to those around him what it meant to follow God. In the same way, strong families are those that demonstrate their loyalty and devotion to God by their faithfulness in serving God.

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