Summary: Thefear of God makes us love Him more

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1 TIM 2:1-7 Dear Father and Lord Jesus Christ, This is for all people everywhere. We plead for all people because they all need You! We pray for all people because many never talk to You! We intercede for all people because most do not know what to ask! We give thanks for all people for few express gratitude! We thank You for their lives, and we give thanks to You for all that You give them, even though they do not acknowledge You or give thanks to You! We pray for national, regional, and local leaders and all who are in high positions. May they exercise wisdom and justice so that we who follow You may live quiet and peaceable lives, godly and respectful in every way! We know that such prayer is good and acceptable in Your sight, because we know that You want everyone to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the Truth! In the Name of Jesus Christ, the One Mediator between God and man, Who gave His life for us, we pray. AMEN

The Fear of the Lord real conviction

REV 14:7 Acts 24:22-26

We don’t hear much talk about “the fear of God” these days, and I have to admit it’s not a “feel good” topic. I saw a program on a church service and the church was full it seemed and the people were singing and dancing. It seemed to me that they were all happy. The Bible commands Christians to be governed by a reverent fear of the Lord. Solomon said the fear of God is the “whole duty of man” ECC 12:13. Coming from the word’s wisest man, it seems sensible for you and me to place an emphasis on it regardless of how others treat it. There is blessing awaiting those living under its influence and peril for those ignoring it.

I. How is the Fear of God Defined?

We can look at fear in two ways. Fear is commended or condemned. Fear is either our friend or foe. On one hand, friendly fear equips us with a natural alarm system that instructs us when to resist, run, or relax. For example, a friendly fear tells us to run from the swarm of bees or stay away from the edge of the cliff. Friendly fear tells us to relax because the lions are caged. The fear that brings condemnation is one that lacks trust in God. It is worrying. It doesn’t believe God’s grace is enough for us when we are weighed down. Fear is awakened when we are met by anything that frightens us. It is natural to fear when a tornado is a hundred yards away or we are swimming in unknown waters. We fear things that can overpower us. We need to fear God who is much more powerful than anything in this world. As we think about the greatness of God, we know that He created every part of the universe. He knows everything that can possibly be known. His very presence fills every square foot of creation. God didn’t create the world, wind it like a clock, and then leisurely sit back and let it tick out its destiny. God is not heartless toward what He created. That should help us know why we should fear Him. There are two theological terms that help us understand why we should fear God. First is TRANSCENDENCE, which tells us God is altogether different from man. There is nothing in the universe by which you can compare Him with. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal, perfect, and holy that’s God’s transcendence. Second, is IMMANENCE, which means that God is here, and walks among us. We don’t see His physical appearance but the omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal, perfect, and holy God is here with us now! “The LORD your God in the midst of you is mighty”. That is His immanence.

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