Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Message 26 in our exposition of Revelation exploring the final war and judgments.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

“The Final War and Judgment” Rev 20:7-15


I. Prologue

II. Messages to the churches

III. Last days

G. Marriage of the Lamb 19:7-11

H. Return of Christ 19:12-22

I. The MILLENNIUM 20:1-6

Jesus appeared to John with a message concerning the final days of this age. At the end of this present age, God plans to make all things new. Life will be much different than we have ever known. And probably more wonderful than we have ever imagined. He will destroy all those who refused to embrace the Savior and will rally against Him at the battle of Armageddon.

Along with their destruction, the Antichrist and his false prophet will be thrown into the lake of fire. Satan and his army will be bound with chains in the abyss for 1,000 years. They will be prevented from contact or influence in His new kingdom order. All those who endured the horrific events of the tribulation will be invited to enjoy a period of 1,000 of peace and fruitfulness under the righteous reign of the King of kings. Israel will be restored as a nation under their Messiah. The Promised root of David will take His place on the throne from which He will rule forever. The promises of an unshakable and enduring Kingdom will finally come to pass. I believe God performs some sort of renovation miracle upon the earth at the beginning of the Millennium. Whether this is the renewed heavens and earth talked about by John and by Peter and the prophets, I don’t know for sure. But the Millennial period is a time of grand prosperity and fruitfulness over the earth. All the devastation and destruction described during the Tribulation period seems to be past.

What happens when the 1,000 years is complete? John continues the narrative in Rev 20:7-15.

There is final battle between good and evil and one last resurrection to judgment for those whose names are not written in the book of life. This will be followed by eternal blessing for those whose names are written in God’s book.


Every person that has ever lived was born in the middle of a war zone. The battle between good and evil has raged since the high ranking angel Satan made his gutsy move against his Creator. The presence of good and evil has been clearly recognized throughout human history; even by those who do not believe in God. Philosophers have wrestled with the problem of evil for centuries. Only the Biblical view of good and evil makes any sense.

Some propose equal forces of good and evil eternally vying for supremacy. (Star Wars Theory)

Others theorize that man at his core is basically good and it is his environment that dictates his life choices. (communism)

The Bible clearly recognizes the devil as the source of evil that rose up within him and proceeded to recruit and pollute a third of the angelic realm. Scripture refers to him as the “father of lies”. Since his banishment to the earth, Satan has continued to follow his own delusion that he could become like the Most High. In doing so he sought to recruit mankind, the pinnacle of God’s creation, to his cause. Satan has sought to build a rival kingdom to God’s kingdom from the beginning. His main tools have been deception and lies.

Will it ever end?

I am here today to tell you by the authority of Scripture that there will be an eternal end to the influence of evil. Today we battle the evil of a polluted flesh within us as well as the evil of a potent devil outside of us. We battle the influence of a devil directed world system that continually assails us. The devil goes about as roaring lion seeking someone to devour. 1 Pet 5

Believers have been granted the power to resist both.

We resist the evil of the flesh by walking in the Spirit (Gal 5).

We resist the world by putting the eternal kingdom of God first. (Matt 6:33)

We resist the evil of the devil by resisting him with strength of the Lord and the sword of His Spirit. (Eph 6)

One day the battle with the world, the flesh AND the devil will be over. Our lives will be transformed and the flesh eliminated forever. Our world of evil doers will be defeated and judged. The material word will be renewed along with the heavens. Satan will be consigned to the lake of fire forever and ever.

John describes these final dealings with evil in the final chapters of Revelation.

Think about it!

We spend so much time and energy battling the assault of the evil of the world the flesh and the devil. There is coming a day when it will not even be part of our conversation.

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