Summary: As the Tribulation begins, words can barely describe the times that are ahead of the inhabitants of Earth. Christians today ought to live and act with urgency to tell others about Jesus, and this chapter begins to show us why!

The First Six Seals, Part 1

Revelation, Part 6, Revelation 6:1-6


- Today we begin to look at a time so horrific … words barely describe it

-- There’s an urgency to tell others about Jesus; because this is prophecy

- I want to remind you that after Chap. 3 the church is no longer mentioned

-- I believe this is proof that the church has been taken home to glory

-- In the last few weeks we have turned our focus on the Throne Room

- AMP: If ever I was inspired by God to do a hellfire and brimstone message, this would be the chapter I would have to use. Why? Answer: So that we could understand the importance of Jesus’ authority, and His Reign over all creation, and what is to come upon this world.


Read Revelation 6:1-6

Ω Point 1 – The White Horse (v 1-2)

- The white horse brings a man of conquest

-- Notice who is opening the seals

-- Jesus alone has the authority and right to do this

- The rider on the white horse is not Jesus

-- It is a satanic dictator who imitates Jesus

-- IMP: If Jesus is opening the scroll, He is not on the horse!

-- Jesus (also on a white horse) is mentioned in Revelation 19 … not here

- The political & social scene of today is certainly ripe for this kind of man

-- All that is missing is God allowing it to happen (all things under God)

-- 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7, “And now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his own time. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.”

- You will notice the rider carries a bow - but no arrows

-- He has no ammo to make war, but he signifies war with a weapon

-- The first seal being opened is what brings this dictator to power

- Scripture confirms his arrival and purpose:

-- Daniel 9:27 says “He will confirm a covenant with many for one ’seven.’

-- He confirms a covenant with the Jewish people to bring peace to the land

- The seven here is a seven year period, it represents a literal 7 years of time

-- In the future, he will set himself up as God and demand worship

-- For now, he is laying the foundation by copying God’s characteristics

- Interestingly enough, the rider of the white horse wears a stephanos crown

-- It’s a crown of victory (overcomer) that we have talked about before

-- This crown is given to him by God, because his rule is allowed by God

-- This rider’s conquest will be by his manner of speech, not by war

Background: Many biblical scholars believe that this ruler will come from a European nation. The problem with this view is Europe is not in the position to force the nations of earth to accepting peace.

- Secondly, Israel would not trust Europe with its peace

-- Europe is openly hostile to Israel, with a growing Muslim population

-- Europe is now under constant pressure to appease anti-Jewish viewpoints

When Daniel talks about the Anti-Christ, he states that he will be a descendent of the armies, which destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. This opens the possibility of the Anti-Christ being a descendent of Rome, but not the leader of a European nation. Think of who, today, would be able to protect Israel and may already be doing so.

Speculation: He could be a European, a descendent of the Roman armies, who heads a powerful nation such as the United States following the Rapture … which can guarantee and protect Israel’s security and lull Israel into a false sense of security.

- FACT: The rider of the White Horse is a great imitator/imposter/pretender

-- He is a false Christ bent on conquest & conquering those who love Christ

For any that hear this:

- IMP: Turn away from him, and look to the God of love who is in Heaven

-- God will be the only protection you have from what is about to unfold!

Ω Point 2 – The Red Horse (v 3-4)

- The red horse brings with him war and conflict

-- All this rider must do is take peace from the earth; men do the rest

-- Peace between men is a gift from God; it is not a natural state (Cain/Abel)

-- Mankind through our sin is constantly looking to be better than others

-- Without the peace of God being present, we would destroy each other

- This authority (to bring war) is granted to the horseman by God

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