Summary: Can you imagine how different our marriages would be if every community, every church member, lived to bring glory to God? Men, if we set the example, I’m sure that “Desperate Housewives” would be devoted housewives!

One day the Pastor and his friend from church were sitting on the Pastor’s porch, and the friend said, "Pastor, I’ve got something to tell you. I’ve never told this to a soul, it’s extremely difficult to tell you this now, but my wife and I have had a fight almost every day for the past 30 years of our marriage." The pastor was taken back. The Pastor nervously took a sip of his coffee - then the he asked, "Well, did you fight today before you came to church?" "Yes." "Well, how did it end up?" "She came crawling to me on her hands and knees." "My goodness, what did she say?" And the man said, "Come out from under that bed you coward and fight like a man!"

We can only dream that the marriage framed in this portrait was everyday reality. Can you remember your wedding day? Can you remember the feelings? Can you recall the fear in your heart, the cotton mouth and your knees knocking together on that beautiful day?

We all have that picture perfect marriage in mind! But the hard facts are – that picture is far being true 2 days after the wedding! Maybe that picture for you is broken and you’re wondering what to do? Maybe someone else is saying, “My marriage is pretty good and that picture is not broken – but I’m not taking any chances with my marriage” – great attitude!

Colossians 3:19

Just Google the word “marriage”, “sex”, “relationships” and “love” and hundreds if not 1000’s of books, articles and magazines from cyberspace will bombard your space! And with all this information and all this self-help out there most of it comes from outer space!

The greatest question you and I can ask about our marriage is, “God, what do you want from my marriage?” May I simplify and relief you of a lot of unrealistic expectations regarding your marriage? Let me sum up the perfect picture for marriage: God wants each marriage to be a portrait of His love for His glory!

Romans 11:36 “For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be all the glory forever.”

I’ve got a news flash for you – contrary to your thinking, your marriage is not about YOU! Your wedding day may have been about you, but your marriage is daily about God! I’m convinced that the greatest life is the God glorifying life!

Let me give you an example: How many of you have ever heard of these names before today:

• Jack Tinker and Associates.

• Doyle Dain Burmbock

• B.B. Leo

• Foot, Cone and Belding

• Jay Walker Thompson

Do you know that all of these people are thrilled that you don’t know them! Why? Because advertizing agencies don’t exist to make a name for them; they exist to make a name for others!

While you may not have a clue who these people are – I’m sure you know their work!

• “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, O what a relief it is” = Alkazalzer!

• “We try harder” = Avis Car Rental

• “MM good, MM good” = Campbell’s Soup started in 1935

• “When you care enough to send the best” = Hallmark started in 1934

• “Snap, crackle, pop!” = “Rice Crispies” - how many of you bought the cereal just to see if it does “snap crackle and pop”?

Do you realize that those ad companies are so successful still today because they never promote themselves – it’s all about others! They don’t want you to see them! It’s all about the client! Just like your life, your marriage and your family is all about God!

Can you imagine how different our marriages would be if every community, every church member, lived to bring glory to God? Men, if we set the example, I’m sure that “Desperate Housewives” would be devoted housewives!

Dr. James Dobson said, “The Western world stands at a great crossroads in its history. It is my opinion that our very survival as a people will depend upon the presence or absence of masculine leadership in millions of homes…I believe, with everything within me, that husbands hold the keys to the preservation of the family.”

So how do we do that? This week let’s begin with every married man and every man who want to be married in the future --- Husbands Love Your Wife Humbly!

Maybe you heard about the wife that went down to the police station with her next door neighbor to report her husband was missing. The police officer asks for his description. So she told the officer, “Well, he’s 6 foot 2, blond, blue eyes, 35 years old, 185 pounds, great smile, wonderful with kids and very affectionate.” As they left the police station, the neighbor said, “You know your husband’s 55, 310 pounds, 5 foot 5, bald, has a big mouth and hates your kids.” The wife looks at her neighbor and says, “Who wants him back!”

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