Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon explains several qualities that are required if a believer is going to have "The Gospel or Bust" attitude


* Midwest, 1930s = livelihood of farmers became almost non-existent; many set out on Route 66 for California with the phrase “California or Bust” written on signs attached to trucks

* The phase “or bust” has continued to be used by people in different contexts today; today it means “complete success or nothing” and “make every effort to do it”

* As Paul begins his work for God, his motto is clear: “The Gospel or Bust”

- He will make every effort to get the Gospel into every place his feet will take him at all costs

- He makes a commitment and is determined that nothing is going to stop him from doing what God has called him to do with the Gospel

* Today we may not have a calling to go to a different country or appear before kings and rulers, but we have been given a command from God to be a witness for his character and work in our spheres of influence

* Acts 1:8

* If we are going to fulfill our commission, we must adopt “The Gospel or Bust” mentality

- We should be so convinced of God’s desire to save and the power of the Gospel and our calling that we will stop at nothing to see people trust Christ

* Paul and Barnabas reveal what kind of mentality/attitude/life is needed if it’s going to be a “Gospel of Bust” life...

1. The Gospel or Bust attitude involves desire (v. 1-7)

* Three times in verses 1-7 the Gospel is shared = indicates their desire to see people trust Christ

* Desire was so great they continued to share the Gospel when threatened; when forced to leave, they resumed their message

* Paul’s burning desire was to see people trust Christ

- Romans 10:1

- 1 Cor. 9:16

- Eph. 6:19

* If we are to live a Gospel or Bust life, the desire of Paul must be ours as well...because it is the desire of God! (2 Peter 3:9)

2. The Gospel or Bust attitude involves perspective (v. 8-10)

* Paul “saw” his faith = he saw what others around him did not and could not see

* Why did Paul have this perspective? Because of his desire and commitment to Christ and the mission of God

* Paul saw two categories of people: (1) those who had placed faith in Christ; (2) those who had yet to place faith in Christ

* A Gospel of Bust life will have a perspective that sees people in the same way

3. The Gospel or Bust attitude involves humility (v. 11-15a)

* Paul and Barnabas could have taken credit for the miracle that occurred. Instead, they humbly pointed people to Christ

* A Gospel or Bust life has Christ as the center. He is the object of affection, the center of all praise, the one to receive all the credit

* Humility occurs when we recognize our role in God’s plan to change the world (see 1 Cor. 3:6)

4. The Gospel or Bust attitude involves courage (v. 15-18)

* Very dangerous to call out the “gods” the people served as wrong

* How they had this courage: their desire gave them the right perspective, which enabled their humility, which enabled them to depend upon God, who then infused their lives with such courage

* They were courageous because they believed that God alone was worthy of worship and devotion

* Paul understood and believed Psalm 96:4 and Psalm 145:3

* The people around us are like those of Lystra, turning to worthless “gods” and giving worship and devotion to things that can’t fulfill thei rlives

* We must muster the courage of Paul and Barnabas if we’re to live such a life

5. The Gospel or Bust attitude involves persistency (v. 19-28)

* The previous qualities ultimately led to this foundational element of the Gospel or Bust Life = faithfulness

* Paul’s persistency:

- v. 20 = “went back into the city” after he was stoned there (v. 19)

- v. 21 = after going to Derbe, he goes back to Lystra, where he was once stoned

- v. 21 = Paul in Iconium (verses 4-6 reveal a plot to stone and mistreat them there)

- v. 21 = Paul in Antioch (13:50 reveals that he was previously persecuted and beaten there)

- v. 22 = “We must go through many hardships”

* Compare Paul’s persistency with ours = we cannot even be consistent, much less persistent

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