Summary: To much liberty and not enough jobs is a issue that's red at least this woman thought so.

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Matthew 9: 20-22

I give honor to God who is the head of this life purchased by the blood of the Lamb of God. Today, what I want to talk to you about is “A women that was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years” America has been sick for twelve years. Taking heed to our ways is no different from know body else, many have slipped away in ways that are not Godly. Something is in the young generation blood, and I know what it is. It’s a disease we have renamed for sin because when it spread our ways get out of control.

That’s why I’m trying to enjoy my children while they are young. Let’s get together and fight this issue of blood destroying our young people. God is a spirit. You might not know this but our tongue is a big lay off for a huge pay back. What God is going to do to those who are of the world is only going to get worse, because the tongue is drawing to much interest, but not enough interest for our country. Stop your tongue from digging into the consensual conduct of others. This too is an issue of blood.

Jesus is being pushed out of our very own neighborhoods; you can’t even have Bible study at home without people complaining about the souls God is sending, because somebody parked their car in front of their door. What can we learn about waxing cold? We are so close to the end, the world just done feel right any more. There’s an issue going on about debt, jobs, and a terrible economy. We need resources; jobs cost a fortune to create.

Every time you turn to the news for help all you hear is a crushing debt blow. It’s going to take the faith of Jesus. Stop being dumb with silence act like you understand get off all that prop ball. It’s time to stop following that link. The word of God is not egotistical, but if you attempt to restore the lost relationship with God; you must die to your flesh before you become that angel that gets it wings. This is a profile that you can fall in love with.

There’s a disturbing turn about how we’re riding down these roads without God. We’re acting out to many roles and taking them to heart. The price is too high; no one can afford to be there for you like Jesus. It’s time to stand up and go up stairs where the lord is. Celebrities are chosen in the main stream to be in the spot light of God; and they got works to do, and you know what faith without works, is dead. Don’t let the dead wish you all the luck.

One moment with God is more than ten thousand flavors. It’s like love coming together and it’s not a ferry tail romance that you read in a book. If you don’t give Jesus your heart; you will wish you had. I’m just trying to be a little bit more realistic. Hidden family secrets are like dropped food the dogs eat from under the table. You can live well just off of calling the name of Jesus. Look at it like this, he gives peace to a troubled heart; he can put a broken life back together again.

Maybe you have problems that you haven’t dealt with they’re not gone. Changes can make you feel like they’re gone. Problems are not going anywhere, and people love them more than they love God. Those are some bad twist and turns. It’s hard to think anything positive about anyone you don’t know. If you’re not rebuking those chances in counters, things are not always clear. The world is angry at this issue of blood, there burning inside, smoke is everywhere but there are some fire alarms that are not working properly.

If you don’t learn anything from this message, know this! You’ve got to get to Jesus.

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