Summary: The 4th commandment’s call to Holiness should also be a call to Joyfulness.

The Joy of the Whole Earth! The 4th Commandment!

Exodus 20:8-12 & Psalm 48:1-2

Intro: The kids were in their room, full of vinegar. Mom had finally settled down to rest & relax, taking a bath, just settling in with some cold cream on her face when she heard a loud noise in the bedroom. Angrily, she got up, threw on her husbands robe, big fluffy slippers, her head in a towel and stormed in, shouting at the kids to be quiet. They froze, got quiet and she left. As she was going out the door, one looked at the other and said, “Who was THAT?!”

What “face” do you put on the Sabbath? Bored, Harsh, Frustrated because you’d rather be someplace else? Well I hope you’ll change your face, and attitude to what the 4th Commandment calls us to: Joyful Holiness!

1) Biblical Holiness is Joyful. The commandment calls us to keep the Sabbath Holy; Ps. 48:2 associates “the mountain of His Holiness,” with “the joy of the whole earth! Imagine enough Joy for the WHOLE EARTH!

Illus. Kids were playing in their room. Mom came in to see about 6 kids lined up, sitting and making sounds like they’re sleeping at a girl up front. “What are you doing?” Mom asked. “Playing church.” They added, “Shh! Mom, you’ll wake up all the church people!”

The Sabbath should be filled with laughter, joy, love, and everything positive, but it has become pagan.

Pagan worship, in Bible days and now, was the most fearful, saddest times. Pagan worship FORBID laughter of joyfulness as OFFENSIVE to their gods, and this includes Moslem worship. Well, why not, you might die, or lose a child, or be liturgically raped or worse! This is why in the Psalms, the pagans said, “Sing us a song of Zion!” Joyful singing and worship was UNHEARD OF IN BIBLE DAYS. And the novelty became a source of ENTERTAINMENT FOR PAGANS.

I’ve heard, and believe that there are more words in the Hebrew language for Joy than any othe language. Sounds like something God would do.

This means somber, serious, sour, sanctified by lemon juice worship is PAGAN! Not Christian!

2) Biblical Holiness was JESUS! Zeph. 3:17 talks about Jesus, because Jesus is the Lord! When he comes to “church,” watch out, just try and keep up with HIM! Because “The Lord the God in the Midst of Thee is Mighty; He will save, will rejoice over thee with joy, He will rest in His Love, He will rejoice over thee with SINGING; the Lord thy God in the midst of thee is MIGHTY!

Why do you think the earth shook when Paul & Silas were in jail rejoicing? Because the Lord was tapping His foot to the Joyful Tunes he was hearing in that Prison and Jesus was there!

Are you hungry for more of Jesus, get to praising and worshipping in a joyful manner, he’ll be there, He just loves JOYFUL Praise and Worship!

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