Summary: Lessons Learned from Mary Magdalene: 1. My God has FORGIVEN much, much LOVE I give to Him 2. My God KNOWS me and WANTS me 3. My God NEEDS me


John 8:1-12 / Luke 7:36-50

We see here two stories about a woman named Mary Magdalene… Mary came from the town of Magdala located just west of the city of Capernaum… which is why she is given the Identity of May Magdalene…

Of the 4 Gospels… (Matt thru John) the synoptic Gospels are Matt, Mark & Luke meaning that are very similar in their accounts of the life of Christ tonight as we cover the life of Mary Mag… we will look at Luke from the synoptics and at the gospel of John… first story will come from the Gospel of John…

Freddy Huizar to read John 8:1-12 = Expound briefly… Luke 7:36-50 = prayer

Life Lessons from the life of Mary Magaline:

1. My God has FORGIVEN much, much LOVE I must give to Him.

Mary had been a woman of the world… she had drunken deeply from the well sin and she had drunken often from the well of sin.

In the account from John 8 we see this woman accused by many, and forgiven by Jesus… and then we find her in Luke coming back to the feet of Jesus… If God has forgiven you… you must then find yourself often coming back to the feet of Jesus no-matter what others will say of you…

Luke 7:41-43

Mary’s spirit was contrite and her heart was broken as she kissed the saviors feet in Luke 7…and in this account, although God had forgiven her, Siman rejected her on the basis of her life-style, man rejected… Jesus accepted.

In John 8 we see the same theme in her life… one time she led a life of twisted torment… she was an adulterous who thru biblical account was possessed with over seven demons… all intent on her was that of total distruction… until the day she met Jesus…

John 8:11

However for you and I… nothing changes – mankind still has a difficult time forgiving certain sins… but the blood of Jesus covers over not only your sin but your guilt and shame as well.

…I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display His unlimited patience as an example for those who would believe on Him and receive etenal life. 1Timothy 1:16

Maybe you are like Mary or even Paul and you have been branded by society as UNFORGIVEN… the good news is that Jesus died for all sins and for all sinners… the ground is level at the foot of the cross… at the feet of Jesus.

Mary came to Jesus and never again would her life be the same… never again to live in darkness because the light of the word had come into her life… into her heart… and she fell in love with Jesus Not in a romantic way but in a spiritual way…

Matthew 27:45-56… the earth shook and the rocks were splitfrom top to bottom… the tombs were open, bodies of the saits who hasd died were raised… the things that she had witnessed challenged rational thinking… but nothing could tear her away from Christ.

Even if this were the end of the world… she would rather parish at His feet, than to run for her life… Love held her there and Love sustained her. It was love for Jesus that empowered her in the midst of hell’s fury… love was the power in Mary’s life, is it so in yours?

Do you possess this kind of tenacious love for Jesus? Would you have stayed at the cross?

Jesus came to set the captives free… for a purpose…

Luke 10:17-20

2. My God KNOWS Me and WANTS Me

This is the resurrection account… Mary made her way along the dusty path to the tomb where Jesus was laid…as she approached, feared gripped her heart and her eyes teared uncontrollably… they had taken his body away… where could they have possibly taken him?

Suddenly she hears someone call to her…

“Woman why are you crying, who is it that you are looking for?”... then Jesus said to her, “Mary”… Luke 20:15-16

It was the same way he had called he hundereds of times before but this time something was different… the moment she heard his voice fear evaporated, and the weeping turned to joy. It was the voice of her precious Jesus

The same voice that calmed the seas… that called forth Lazarus from the dead and the voice that beckoned her to salvation… was she dreaming? The only way to be sure was to reach out and touch Him, and she clung to Him.

It was Him and he explained to her that He must go to be with the Father, but even as He spoke she knew everything would be alright…He was alive, therefore she could face tomarrow…

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