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  • Life Lessons Series

    Contributed by Edward Hardee on Jun 28, 2019

    Sermon on the Mount Message on the Be Attitudes. Sacrifice and Reward

  • Life Lessons

    Contributed by C. Philip Green on Jul 31, 2019

    Trouble teaches you to praise God because He delivers you from trouble; fear God because He provides for you in trouble; and cry out to God because he responds to you in trouble.

  • Life Lessons

    Contributed by Shawn Rose on Jan 1, 2012
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    Are you so busy preparing for this life that you have completely forgotten about the next one?

    LIFE LESSONS Text: Luke 12:13 – 34 In the short time that Jesus walked upon the earth, He taught many life lessons: • We should treat others the way that we want to be treated ourselves. • We should love God, our neighbors, and our enemies. • We should forgive more

  • The Life Of James Pt 2

    Contributed by Charles La Porte on Jun 18, 2008

    Lessons learned from James: 1. Only the messiah is to be Worshiped 2. Greatness is achieved only thru humilty 3. sow to the Spirit and not the flesh

    Thanks to everyone who pulled together and made this Easter service a success. approx. 300 people total from the service to the fellowship event… 17 re-commitments for Christ… > 13 born again believers > over 200 Kingdom seed was planted THE LIFE OF JAMES (pt. 2) MATTHEW 17:1-8 = Read & more

  • The Life Of Abraham Pt 1

    Contributed by Charles La Porte on Jun 18, 2008

    1. LOOK toward the HORIZON 2. EMBRACE the KNIFE 3. nothing is too DIFFICULT

    NEW BEGINNINGS FROM ABRAM TO ABRAHAM Pastor Chuck La Porte 01-02-2008 (Abraham came from the family of Shem (son of Noah) Genesis 11) God was willing and able to change the identity of a man by the name of Abram to Abraham a name of promise = “the father of many” God did so because Abram more

  • The Life Of Abraham Pt 2

    Contributed by Charles La Porte on Jun 18, 2008

    1. (Reproach) No LIE is worth TELLING 2. (Recovery) God still PROVIDES 3. (Revelation) God will REVEAL HIMSELF

    REPROACH, RECOVERY, & REVELATION Genesis 22:1-14 open to… Lessons to learn From The Life Of Abraham: tonight we continue our Character study from the life of Abraham… While Abraham will go down in the history books as a “friend of God” he was by no means a perfect man. Abraham had his more

  • The Life Of Esther Pt 1

    Contributed by Charles La Porte on Jun 17, 2008
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    this two part series looks at the life of Esther and relates how we can begin to live as God intended thru the transforming power of the Holy Spirit

    Esther 2:1-17 Life Lessons From The Life Of Esther: 1. SHE WENT FROM MYRTLE TO STAR! This man (Mordecai) had a beautiful and lovely young cousin, Hadassah, also known as Esther. Esther 2:7 Abihail and his wife (who would soon die and leave their daughter an orphan to be raised by her more

  • The Life Of Moses 3 Of 4

    Contributed by Charles La Porte on Jun 21, 2009

    1. Moses Experienced God’s Deliverance and Witnessed His Banner 2. He Saw The Glory of God and Wanted More. 3. He was Given the 10 and Embodied the 2

    The Life of Moses pt. #3 = Exodus 13-17 Finally Pharaoh had released the Hebrews from their bondage, and 2 million of Abrahams children embarked on their long journey into the unknown. Moses grabbed the box that contained the remains of Joseph and gave the command to begin the great exodus more

  • The Life Of Elijah

    Contributed by Charles La Porte on Jun 18, 2008
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    Elijah was: 1.(WHO) CREDENTIALED by God 2.(WHAT) DEPENDANT upon God Alone 3.(WHERE) the place of the SHOWDOWN is the ALTAR OF GOD

  • Stuff I've Learned

    Contributed by Bo Dunford on Oct 19, 2013
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    Life teaches you a lot of things. I got this material from Chuck Swindoll and passed it on to my church. Many thanks to Brother Chuck for this sermon. I hope it will be a blessing to you if you've never read it.

    2 TIM. 3:14 “STUFF I’VE LEARNED” A) Before I share these with you, I want to help you smile a little! * Somebody sent me a cute article from some newspaper ... A class of fifth graders had submitted the things they had learned in life ... Here is a sampling from their more

  • Lot's Lessons

    Contributed by Horace Wimpey on Oct 24, 2015
    based on 1 rating

    In the story of Lot and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, we see several spiritual lessons.

    Lot’s Lessons Genesis 19:1-38 (NLT) . Intro: Life Lessons, sometimes they are hard aren’t they? I have a Question for you, how many have ever learned a lesson the easy way? It seems all lessons are learned the hard way. I used to think that if I could only get my children to listen more

  • The Life Of Mary Magdalene

    Contributed by Charles La Porte on Jun 18, 2008
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    Lessons Learned from Mary Magdalene: 1. My God has FORGIVEN much, much LOVE I give to Him 2. My God KNOWS me and WANTS me 3. My God NEEDS me

    FORGIVEN, FREED & DELIVERED John 8:1-12 / Luke 7:36-50 We see here two stories about a woman named Mary Magdalene… Mary came from the town of Magdala located just west of the city of Capernaum… which is why she is given the Identity of May Magdalene… Of the 4 Gospels… (Matt thru John) the more

  • The Life Of Jonah Part 1

    Contributed by Charles La Porte on Jun 17, 2008

    this two part series looks at Jonahs life and relates how we can begin to live as God intended thru the transforming power of the Holy Spirit

    Life Lessons From The Life of Jonah… most of us know the story of Jonah and the whale… however most don’t realize that Jonah was a prophet of God who is mentioned well before the book of Jonah…. 2 Kings 14:24-25 One day Jonah was in his prayer closet when he became greatly disturbed at the more

  • Thre L;ife Of Moses Part 2 Of 4 Series

    Contributed by Charles La Porte on Jun 21, 2009
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    #1 He Asked, “Who Am I?” And Was Comforted By The Great I AM #2 He Carried An Earthly Staff With Heavenly Power #3 He Was A Man Of Power In Words & Deeds

    The Life of Moses pt. 2 Pastor Chuck La Porte 01/14/2009 Exodus 3:10-22 Read & Pray Moses couldn’t believe his ears; God Himself was asking him to return to Egypt and demand the release of the entire Hebrew nation. He was to stand on the same streets where he had committed murder and demand more

  • Moses 4 Of 4 Series

    Contributed by Charles La Porte on Jun 21, 2009

    1. Moses Sowed to the Flesh and reaped the Flesh 2. Moses was a Great INTERCESSOR 3. Moses SAW but would never ENTER

    The life of Moses Pt. 4 Whittier Foursquare Church Pastor Chuck La Porte 02/25/2009 Deuteronomy 34:1-12 Back in January I started the character study of Moses 1-He forfeited luxury for longing (left life as Egyptian royalty to be with his oppressed people)… He did God’s work in man’s way more