Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Examining Naaman’s life and his desire for God to do a miracle in his life

Note three aspects of Naaman’s life:

1. BEFORE the change (v. 1-13)

A. We must admit that there’s a problem (v. 1-4)

B. We must go to the right person (v. 5-7)

C. We must have faith (v. 7)

D. We must understand that the way to change may surprise us (v. 8-12)

E. We must learn that little things make a big difference (v. 13)

2. The BASIS of the change (v. 11-14)

A. Naaman humbled himself (v. 11)

B. Naaman did something he wasn’t accustomed to (v. 12)

C. Naaman obeyed the Word of the Lord (v. 14)

3. BECAUSE of the change (v. 15-17)

A. Naaman offered gifts (v. 15)

B. Naaman became committed to God (v. 17)

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