Summary: Examining the life of Ahithophel and what happened when he refused to forgive David

Notice four things about Ahithophel’s life and his unforgiving spirit...

1. His GREATNESS (16:23)

A. He was great because of his position.

1 Chronicles 27:33

Psalm 41:9

Psalm 55:12-14

B. He was great because of his posterity.

Son: Eliam (one of David’s mighty men)

Granddaughter: Bathsheba (future queen)

The lesson we learn: You are never so spiritual or so godly that you are immune to an unforgiving spirit.

2. His GRIEF (Various)

What caused him grief?

A. Seduction: David seduced Bathsheba (2 Sam. 11:2-5)

B. Murder: David had Uriah killed (2 Sam. 11:14-17)

C. Cover Up: David married Bathsheba (2 Sam. 11:27)

The lesson we learn: A deep hurt will not destroy us, but how we handle it will.

Matthew 5:12

3. His GUILT (Various)

A. He left his place of service (2 Sam. 15:12)

B. He disregarded David’s repentance (2 Sam. 12:13; Ps. 51:3-4)

C. He joined the Absalom conspiracy (2 Sam. 15:31)

D. He gave vengeful counsel (2 Sam. 16:22; 17:1-4)

The lesson we learn: While we might be the victim of someone else’s sin, our reaction can also make us become the assailant.

4. His GRAVE (17:23)

A. His defeat commenced when he refused to forgive even when God did.

B. His defeat continued as he sought revenge.

Romans 12:19

C. His defeat consummated when his counsel was rejected.

2 Sam. 17:5-7, 14, 23

The lesson we learn: Possessing an unforgiving spirit can lead to a disastrous consequences.

What should our reaction be?

Ephesians 4:32

Romans 12:19

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Guy Glass

commented on Mar 5, 2008

My dear brother in Christ. Thank you so much for recording for the rest of us this simple and clear insight on the life of Ahithophel. I throughly enjoyed your outline and look forward to listening to your audio. I also took the opportunity to use your outline as the "result" of not following the biblical pattern of forgiveness and repentance when one hs been wronged in a recent sermon of mine. Thanks again!

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