Summary: The technical details of Daniel 9 are a little complex, but worth the work. Daniel predicts the very week when Jesus was crucified!


1. Daniel 9 may take thinking , but please put in the effort...

2. It is a key chapter, and an important key to:

(1) Apologetics: defending the faith in general

(2) Jewish evangelism: Messiah had to die before 70A.D.

(3) Bible Prophecy and end times events

(4) Understanding where history is going

(5) Understanding Revelation 4-19, the time-period of which is

defined in Daniel 9:27

(6) The Church age, which exists between Daniel 9:26b and 9:27

(put a "you are here" arrow there!!!)

MAIN THOUGHT: Daniel’s 70 sevens addresses some of the greatest

themes of Scripture.

I. God’s Plan of Redemption: Where History is

Heading (9:24)

1. To bring sin to its CONCLUSION (24)

2. To bring in the Millennial Kingdom & Eternal State

3. To Make Atonement

II. The Coming of the Messiah (9:25-26a)

1. The 70 sevens begin with a DECREE---to rebuild the city, not Temple

---fulfilled in Nehemiah 2:1-8 (March 5, 444B.C)

Until Messiah: 7+62 or 69 sevens...

3. The Messiah would be cut off AFTER the 69 sevens, but not during the

70th seven....There is a break....

---We live during that break....

4. The timing (differing ancient calendars)

each 7 = 7 prophetic years (360 days each) cf. Rev. 11:2-3 for proof

that a prophetic month is 30 days, a prophetic year 360 days)

5. The Math of it all:

The decree of Neh. 2---March 5, 444B.C. PLUS 69 sevens of years

(69X7X360 converted into 365.24 day years, remembering we go from

1B.C. to 1A.D.--there is no year "O,") tells us Christ would be "cut off"

after March 30, A.D. 33 (Palm Sunday), so Christ would have

died on April 3 and rose April 5, A.D. 33. (cf. Harold Hoehner,

Chronological Aspects in the Life of Christ, Zondervan, 1977).

~~~~This also helps us to understand why the Wisemen were

anticipating Christ, and enriches the term, "When the fullness of time


5. Note what would happen after the Messiah came and was "cut off"

(26) Titus and the Romans of 70A.D.

III. The Prince Who Is to Come (26b-27)

1. Note the BREAK in continuity

---long period of "desolations"

2. The 69th seven (period of 7 years) begins with a TREATY

--by the time we are in vs. 27, the Temple is rebuilt

and Jerusalem no longer "desolate"

3. This is the 7 year Tribulation

---the people of this Ruler had destroyed Jerusalem (Romans);

Therefore the Ruler is likely Italian....

---this is the Antichrist....Matt. 24:15

4. It is the Covenant that Begins the 7 year end-time Tribulation, also

known as Daniel’s 70th Seven.....

----It is during this time that the LEFT BEHIND fiction series takes place

5. My view: The Rapture first....much disagreement on this...


1. All Scripture is profitable, but there are a few chapters so important

that we should be willing to stress out our brains to the max to

understand them...this is one of them...

2. Contemplate Daniel 9:24-27---Four Verses---Understand them and

other Scriptures open up; leave them to the Theologians, and we lose so


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