Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: If you are one of those true believers, neglecting to spend time on the Word of God, then I would like to turn on your interest and love for the Word of God through the following message by bringing to your remembrance how the Word of God works in you


The Word of God is also compared to a hammer in Jeremiah 23:29. A hammer is used to break hard stones. The stubbornness of human heart is compared to the hardness of a rock. We sin a lot. But we do not feel the guilt. We do not feel sorry for it. We do not repent. We do not care for God, whom alone we make sad because of our sins. We do not respond to the love of God. This is the reason why a human heart is compared to a rock. This is not only the situation of an unbeliever, but also at times true also for born-again believers. The Word of God is the powerful hammer which can break a hard, stone-like stubborn heart. Unbelievers read the Bible rarely. Therefore it is important that the Word of God be preached to them so that the stubbornness of their hearts could be broken and come to God. When we repeatedly preach the Gospel to unbelievers, their hearts will break and become sensitive to the love of God. But, what if a believer’s heart becomes hard?! Yes, it is possible for a believer’s heart to become hard. If you are a believer and reading this, you can surely testify that your heart was hardened on several occasions since you have been saved. There could have been times after you were saved, when you repeatedly committed a sin and you never felt sorry for that. Surely you might have experienced that some times you were not too sensitive to the love and discipline of God. No matter how much you tried, not even a single drop of tear flowed out of your eyes. That love and readiness to forgive others had disappeared at times. You were filled with anger and hatred. All these are signs that your heart was hardened. Next time when you feel like that, do not forget that there is a hammer to break the hardness of your heart. Open your Bible. Read and meditate upon the Word of God. By doing that you will be giving repeated blows on your stubborn heart. Spend time with God’s Word until you feel your heart starting to break. Then, again spend time with your Bible until you find that your heart has been completely broken into pieces. Then, still meditate upon God’s Word until your heart becomes like fine powder, ready to be re-shaped according to the desire of the Heavenly Father. Many believers stop meditating upon God’s Word as soon as they find that their heart is beginning to break. Others still continue until they find that their heart has been broken into pieces and then stop there. But, today I tell you; do not stop to give blows on your heart with this divine hammer until you find that it has become like fine powder. Steam power plants are places where electricity is generated. There they use coal to generate fire. They do not burn coal when it is in the form of big blocks, but first they break the coal with specially designed hammers until the coal becomes very fine powder. This coal in the form of fine powder is very powerful that it can explode like a bomb. This fine-powdered coal has the capacity to generate very large amounts of heat within a small amount of time. This heat is used to generate electric power. Likewise, when your heart is broken, God can use it to produce spiritual power. It is good (actually great!) to have a broken heart, because broken hearts are the real power sources which could be used to advance the Kingdom of God. The more broken your heart is, the more spiritual power it will be able to generate. A broken heart is a spiritual beauty. It is deep. It impacts the lives of many people for good. Many believers want to lead careless lives with no broken hearts. They do not want to be serious. They are on the surface. They are happy, but this is a happiness which is the cause of God’s sorrow! How is your heart? The love of God is flowing like a river. If your heart is like a rock, then it cannot get dissolved in that holy-river. If your heart is broken and is like a fine powder, then it will be dissolved in the river of God’s love. So, take the hammer and start giving blows to yourself! It will hurt you! But do not stop. When your heart becomes like fine powder, then you will surely recognize the sweetness in complete brokenness before the One True Living God.

7) MILK:

The Word of God is compared to milk in I Peter 2:2. Here, the Apostle Peter says that we should desire the Word of God just as the new born babies desire milk. It is amazing how the infants crave for milk. Nobody taught them to drink milk. Nobody inculcated a desire in them for milk. This comes naturally to the infants. They won’t stop crying until they get the milk. Nobody teaches them how to drink milk. It comes to them naturally. This is the nature with which every baby is born. They can’t digest anything but milk. It is similar with a newly-born believer in Jesus Christ. They desire the spiritual milk of God’s Word. Nobody will force them to read their Bibles, but they can’t get along without reading them. Like new-born babies, they drink the milk of God’s Word with great desire. When they do not have time to read their Bibles, they cry like infants. They will long for the time when they could get into meditating God’s Word. It will be difficult for them to leave their Bibles until their spiritual thirst and hunger is satisfied. Nothing can distract them, because, to them the Bible is the only one which is their real need at that time. Friends, or movies, or serials, or cartoons, or money, or food, or anything else which was previously interesting to them now becomes uninteresting. Their whole interest would be to drink that spiritual milk. Even if they try to feed themselves with other things they can’t get digested. The only thing they are able to take in is God’s Word. Nobody will have to come and teach them how to read their Bibles. Their newly-born spiritual nature will tell them how to do it. And there would be no question of not understanding the Bible at all. No matter how foolish the person is, he can understand the basics of God’s Word because of his newly born-again nature. If you never understood anything in the Bible, then you are not a born-again person. If you never craved for the Word of God as infants crave for milk, then you are not born-again. If you never felt sad because you were not able to find time to read your Bible, then you know nothing about Jesus Christ. Just as a newly born baby cannot help but cry for milk, the newly born-again believer cannot help but cry for the Word of God. This is one of the strongest proofs that a person is genuinely saved. The fact that you have read this message until this point is proof itself that you are saved. Otherwise, you could have left after reading one or two pages (or even 2 or 3 lines!). An infant feels that the only thing it needs to survive is milk. If you are saved, then you should have thought at least once in your life that the only thing sufficient for you is the Word of God. Had you ever felt like that? Rejoice if you did. You are God’s own child. You are the possession of Lord Jesus.

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