Summary: There are certain seasons when you enter into His gate with praises, present your body as a living sacrifice holy and exceptable to God.

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Ezekiel 46 : 1 - 6

Six days have passed in the inner courts; a gate is still closed at the inner court yard Jesus says let’s go all of my people and, we all shall say where you lead; we will follow; Jesus leads us to open the gate on the Sabbath of the new moon because the gate has been untouched. Don’t stop my friend but go to the next line all of us that claim to be born again christians have to display persistence, so from studying his word. We seek, and he says seek and you shall find. You see! It’s got to be personal. You shall find! I tell you! Whatever it is in the Lord that you need

When we find him, he starts talking to us all over again. And those that stand by the gate but never enter into the gate are doing it deliberately. They hear what the Lord is saying to us by the way we walk and talk and act and think. The word of God a living process; it works by itself.

Stay close to the row of buildings, the sacrifices of Lord of Lords and king of kings, there’s something in there for us. Christ wants us to stay close to the gathering and the assembling of ourselves presenting our body as a living sacrifice to God. Let us all stand at the post of the gate in his liberty, because of him, everyone of us out there is standing in his Holyness and His acceptance and watch the sacrifices of the crowds. we’re going to learn alot of things by watching and praying when they gathered around. “If we learn how to forgive ourself; we’ll be able to forgive others.”

Time to open! We’re going to open our own individual gate

At the gate, there’s an invitation on the post where everybody gather’s around; Jesus wants us to show ourselves friendly and admit to the Lord Jesus how great He is. Look into the glass darkly see yourself falling short of seeing Jesus in other people souls the right way! At the gate of all strangers, If we knew how Jesus was, and if we loved him, we’ll come see about him; he’s ok for now! Our love for Jesus should be greater then our love for others; we have to understand this and treat God like a real person who lives forever. Follow God’s instructions about when to open the gate! The gate is open for a little while.

Don’t let the gate discourage us, the gate is closed at times. Praise him any way! God wants to meet us at the door to talk about all that he has done for us while we praise Him; He inhabit’s the praises of His people, but we have to show him that we’re really excited. It’s the will of God for us to stay excited about what He has done. There’s no time for discouragment; let God open the gate he brought into your life at the right time. Jesus says to us I’ll be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path at the right time, enter into the gate now!

The spot-light of His love is on the rows of building where His sacrifices are made. We are the bullocks, rams, and the lambs whatever it is; they can bare it. We have to believe this for each other The future of eternal life invites us back to the gate, even through discouraging times, don’t walk away from God. Don’t get weary of well doing: be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might; He’ll make us like we suppose to be

If our eye is not single, it’s the Lord’s will to make one just for us.

God wants us to be ready when he comes. What this means is, if our eye don’t stay single we’re going to get discouraged at the gate and walk away like most people are doing. We have learned from His teachings just because the gate goes both ways sometime doesn’t mean, that’s the way one side of the gate really goes. We should not look at how sinful we are, worship the Lord any way! Expect Him to answer some of our prayers, don’t be shame to talk to God; we all know he’s real but some of else need to know a little bit more than others.

Those that depart from the faith don’t cross the boundary anymore they just hang around. There’s nothing wrong with hanging around the gate; we might change our mind and come in. God is known for changing people’s mind.

All of us are nearer to God, what do we believe? One side of the gate turns the one way from the other, do we know the closer we get to God the easier it is to hear from him position ally. We want to believe all of us are close to God but we don’t know that for sure because the Bible teaches us differently. We’ve got to come out of discouragement; tell yourself this; you’re coming out! And keep telling yourself this! Make this conversation a part of our life until those words are self - fulfilled in the way Jesus feels about us being married to his spirit and you’ll feel good too.

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