Summary: Every believer can share their testimony with others. Our text is a story about Jesus changing the life of a woman He met at a well in Samaria. After Christ changed her life, she proceeded to share her testimony with everybody in her town.

The Power of a Personal Testimony

John 4


1. I think we all grasp and understand the power of a personal testimony. Advertisers use this tool all the time in an effort to get people interested in their product, and ultimately, get them to buy it.

• There is something persuasive about seeing and hearing a person who is a satisfied customer or who has had their life greatly changed or how they benefited because of...

• As well, it’s really powerful if you know that the person speaking out has nothing to gain personally.

2. Would you agree that the greatest decision anybody on this earth can make is to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior? If you already know Christ, you have something in your possession that is powerful in persuading others to accept Christ.

3. What am I talking about? It is your personal testimony – simply telling others what Christ has done in your life. Mark 5:19

• Everyone that has been saved has a personal testimony. Everybody’s testimony is unique and different. Sharing your testimony with others can be a powerful way to share the gospel of Christ with others.

• Many people will never agree to do a Bible study with you or come to church with you, but they will allow you to share your story.

4. Every believer can share their testimony with others. Our text is a story about Jesus changing the life of a woman He met at a well in Samaria. After Christ changed her life, she proceeded to share her testimony with everybody in her town.

5. Let’s use the woman at the well as our teaching tool today and see how every believer can share their testimony with others.

First, tell them about your life B.C. (Before Christ).

1. This lady had a past. We all do, don’t we? Do you remember your life without Christ? Aren’t you glad you know Christ today? Look in our text. vs. 15-19

• Song: I Never Liked Me Without Him

2. Jesus revealed who He was to this woman (vs. 25-26). She believed on Christ, and notice what she did (vs. 28-29).

3. When you share your testimony, tell them briefly about your life B.C. (Before Christ).

4. Here are a few practical suggestions:

• You don’t have to be too detailed or graphic. Share what you are comfortable sharing. Paul sometimes got pretty graphic, but he felt it was needed. Acts 26:9-11

• Try to find elements of your past that others can identify with and relate to.

 Illustration: When Paul witnessed to Jews he would share with them his background as a Jewish Pharisee and his previous zeal for the Jewish religion.

5. As you share with them your previous lost condition, you can use this as a tool to reiterate Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23.

Second, point them to Jesus.

1. Let them know that you found the answer, purpose, and meaning to life. It’s Jesus! You can never go wrong by bragging on Jesus! Magnify Him and lift Him up. This was Paul’s utmost desire, and it should be ours (Philippians 1:20). (Our testimony shouldn’t point them to us, but to Jesus.)

2. Notice in verse 29, the woman told everybody in town, “Come, see a man…” She wanted them to see Jesus.

3. As you share your story of salvation, tell them about how you realized that Christ died for your sins. This is where you can share with them Romans 5:8.

4. Tell them about His resurrection from the dead and how He has given you that same life.

5. Here are some practical tips.

• Our testimony should always point people to the sufficiency of Christ.

• Always make clear who Christ is and what He has done.

 When Paul shared his testimony before Felix, he said, “That Christ should suffer, and that he should be the first that should rise from the dead, and should show light unto the people…” Acts 26:23

• Explain to them your response to Christ when you were saved. What did you do? Who led you to Christ? Where were you when you got saved?

• Explain to them how your life has taken on new meaning since accepting Christ.

• In a few words, make sure they understand what Christ has meant to you and your family since the time of your salvation.

Third, trust God’s Word to do the work.

1. Notice in our text verses 40-42. It seems that some of these people were tough nuts to crack. They must have been from the “Show Me State.” But Christ’s Word worked in them mightily and convinced them.

2. There is so much power in God’s Word. Your personal testimony is not a substitute for God’s Word. There is no authority in your testimony. The authority is in God’s Word. This is why your testimony should be laced with Scripture. Share Romans 10:13.

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