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CrossRoads Ministries
Daytona Beach Florida , 32119
(386) 760-4806

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  • Jesus Christ: Mighty To Save

    Contributed on Nov 21, 2016

    This text is usually taught with a focus on thanksgiving. We will certainly do that. But there are also some incredible principles that we can learn concerning Jesus Christ – His compassion and His sufficiency to save those who feel helpless and hopeless.

  • Understanding Temptation

    Contributed on Oct 31, 2016

    Why do we sin against God? Why do we mess up, make terrible choices, and then have to live with the consequences? Why do we get ourselves into bondage to sin and certain destructive patterns of behavior?

  • The Four “p’s” Of Tribulation

    Contributed on Oct 24, 2016
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    When encountering a tribulation, it is a great opportunity to grow as a believer. I want to focus on four key words that hopefully will cause us all to view problems and tribulations with a little different perspective.

  • The Power Of A Personal Testimony

    Contributed on Oct 3, 2016

    Every believer can share their testimony with others. Our text is a story about Jesus changing the life of a woman He met at a well in Samaria. After Christ changed her life, she proceeded to share her testimony with everybody in her town.

  • Becoming Part Of Somebody Else’s Story

    Contributed on Sep 26, 2016

    Your life can have a divine, eternal impact on others. How? Let’s learn from the greatest evangelist that ever lived – Jesus!