Summary: A sermon for a "Patriot Sunday" together with a "Communion Sunday". Without the courage to sacrifice, there can be no life.

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Last Monday was a day of remembering. The only problem is that too many people have forgotten. Amid the tweets & twitters, the video games, and shopping for school, too many Americans forget that, without the sacrifices of our military, we might not even have a school or church to go to.

So, I find it extremely appropriate that we’re having this Patriotic Sunday on the same day that we remember the Last Supper of our Lord Jesus Christ. Both are times of remembering – remembering those who shed their blood to free us from the tyranny of monarchs and tyrants, and the one who gave the last full measure of His blood to free us from the tyranny of sin and death.

Today we remember the blood, for without blood, there can be no life. That’s just as true in the Bible as in a hospital. Blood flows through the Bible just as it does through our veins. The blood of Christ keeps our faith alive.

It’s been said, “Cut the Bible anywhere and it will bleed.” Our Bible speaks of the blood 427 times. Without the blood, the Gospel is dead, and so are we. Holding His cup of wine, Jesus told His disciples, “This is my blood of the new covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.” Turn with me now and READ HEBREWS 9:13-15

The early church understood the blood. In the “Book of Acts”, there are 22 sermons recorded by four preachers, and all four give the same message – “the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.” They all agree that His death – and the provision of “covering by the blood” – are essential to the Gospel.

1 John 1:7 says, “…the blood of Jesus, the Son of God, purifies us of all sin.” Wayne Watson once wrote– “God’s gaze always passes thru rose-colored glasses every time He looks on my heart.” The blood of Christ covers our sins from the sight of God.

It’s hard to see blood. It’s internal. Yet, each veteran of combat knows what it looks like. It’s the color of war and the price of victory – the full price paid by Jesus Christ for each person who calls upon His name for salvation.

I read once that, “The Bible paints the blood in broad strokes on a canvas, and then in minute detail. God’s Word breaks it down to the cellular level—the importance of the blood of Christ! …But even more important is that God sees the blood applied to our lives, and judgment passes over us.” So, now let’s put the blood of Christ under the microscope and consider The Power of His Blood.

1st: In Analysis: The Blood Is Perfect

The virgin birth of Christ established His righteousness.

Judas cried out. “I have betrayed innocent blood.”

Paul explained, “For God has made (Jesus), who knew no sin, to be sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.”

Pontius Pilate washed his hands and said, “I find no basis for a charge against him.” And Hebrews 7 describes Jesus as, “…(the) one who is holy, blameless, pure, set apart from sinners, exalted above the heavens.”

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