Summary: Prayer is a powerful thing. Prayer is what makes everything else possible. Prayer however, is becoming a forgotten command in the church today. We will look at how powerful prayer is.

1 John 5:13-20

The Power of Prayer


A. I have a curiosity to learn new facts. I am constantly watching the discovery Channel and TLC talking to people just trying to learn stuff.

B. Heather Dad is a Nuclear Insurance Salesman.

C. I have talk to him about exactly how Nuclear power works and how much power is there

D. It is amazing how much they can do with just one reactor

E. I remember hearing about the one part that broke at Niagara falls and ½ the east coast was without power, that is a lot of power

F. To think how much power there is there

G. However, we have access to a much stronger power

H. The power that will never create a blackout

I. A power that does not cost anything for the rest of your life

J. A power that you can use any time any place

K. The power of prayer

L. Today we are going to talk about 3 different areas we all need to pray for.

a. Personal Prayer

b. People Prayer

c. Persevering Prayer

I. Personal Prayer (13-15)

A. Explanation

1. This is the beginning of the conclusion for John’s First Epistle. Notice how he begins it. (VS 13) These things. These things are everything that John has told about it

2. This book was clearly written for Christians. Anyone who believes in the name of the Son of God

3. Blessed Assurance. That is why John is writing this

4. Here is a thought that probably does not occur that often but should. We have confidence (Vs 14) to talk to God

a) Imagine those conversations that you have to have with your boss. The ones you rehearse in your mind all day long. Because you are afraid of what might happen, IE Fired.

b) God you can approach and he will listen. Read the Psalms

5. Here is a fun thing to consider. As long as it is according to his will, he will hear us. Obviously it would not be his will for you to sin. Probably would not help anyone if He made me a millionaire. But if it is His will, He will here it!

6. God hears us. That is so nice that He hears.

7. Going to the boss anytime that we want and knowing that we will take Him seriously

8. Knowing that we can take it everything to God and God will here us.

9. Knowing that we have (no will have) what we asked Him

B. Application

1. Prayer that is what we are talking about

2. Communication with God

3. Something we can do easily

4. Someone that will listen

5. Someone that will give direction

6. Someone who does have all the answers

7. Someone who gives us unconditional love

8. Someone that will give us everything we ask for

9. This is awesome. This is wonderful How Could we want more?

C. Illustration

1. I remember when I had to turn in my Resume to the district office. I don’t know why but I put that off for a long time. I was scared. I just had to do it. And I did not want to do it. I don’t know why but I guess that I chickened out of something but I finally did and what a fun time it was.

2. Don’t do that with prayer

3. Go Pray NOW do no delay. Talk to your creator

4. Is there anything better

II. People Prayer (16-17)

A. Explanation

1. We are selfish people

2. We love to thing about only ourselves. We come from a ME culture.

a) What’s in it for me

b) What will I get out of this

3. However, that is wrong

4. We need to remember our friends

5. If we see that the commit a sin, we need to pray for them

6. WE need to ask God ask that God gives them live and forgives them of their sin

7. Here is the part that is very hard to deal with

8. I have been struggling with this one all week long

9. There is a sin that leads to death. I am not saying that he should pray about that.

a) The easy part actually is to answer what sin leads to death

b) The sin that leads to death is a person who rejects Jesus or Reject God and who does not love his fellow man that is the sin that leads to death

c) The hard part is understand what is meant by I am not saying that he should pray about that

d) After scratching my head for a long time I was able to come up with this possible solution

(1) We are to ask that God will give him life

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