Summary: WE have the most powerful book in the whole world, the only catch is that we have to read it.

Hebrew 4:12-13

The Power of the Word


What is I were to tell you that there was this new product that could entertain you, increase your life, answer your questions, comfort you, build you up, and make you a better person. I’m sure that you would all be rushing to Wal-Mart to buy it. You know what? You can get it at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart sells it! It is the Bible!

The Word of God. God’s instruction book, Life’s Manuel, The Holy Book,

Today we are going to talk about the Power of the Word, in two particular areas

1. The Word of God Described

2. The Word of God Personalized

I. The Word of God Described (12)

A. Explanation

1. This is not a dead book

a. This book is still living

b. Not only is it living, but active, a two year old is active, this is the same activity

2. We have heard of the “Sharper then a two edged sword” phrase many times. What does it meant though?

a. First of all, the word sharper mean to cut.

b. But don’t forget about the two edged part, that means every side

c. So lets put that together, there is no part that is unimportant, both sides cut mean it works on all sides. There is nothing insignificant about the Word

3. Whenever you are wondering about a though and attitude in your heart, the Word will tell you if it is correct of not.

B. Application

1. Look, the word of God is not some old peace of literature that is fun to read

2. This is not like ESOPs fables

3. This is true and vital to your life.

4. Nothing is useless in this book

C. Illustration

Ever so often, at the Lighthouse, we have to stop and look at our programs and the way we do things, we have to ask ourselves if it is worth it, and if it isn’t we cut it. You can not do that with the Word of God!

II. The Word of God Personalized (13)

A. Explanation

1. God did not try and hide is truth. Just look at creation, you can see it.

2. God is not some mysterious God. He is there.

3. To know God is to Know his Word

4. God does not desire to keep things hidden from us.

5. Everything is out in the open

6. Because of this we will have to give an account.

B. Application

1. The Word of God has never meant to be hard to read.

2. If you are having a hard time reading the Bible, maybe you need a new Bible in a different translation

C. Illustration

The Reformation started with having a translation that the common person could understand, look what resulted. We had the biggest revival the world has ever seen, just because people could read the Bible in language they could understand


1. This is the most important book ever written

2. This book can change your life

3. This Book was meant to be read

4. My challenge to you is to read it.

5. I believer one of the following three groups you will fit into

1. You do not read the Bible cause you have a heard time understanding it

2. You do not read the Bible cause you “don’t have time”

3. You do not read the Bible cause you think it is boring

6. Let me respond to those excuses

1. First of all if you are having a heard time understanding the Bible maybe you need a new translation. There are many easy to read translation out there that are strong translation. Ask me for a recommendation

2. You don’t have time. That is an excuse. Do you have time to watch TV? Do you have time to do other things, to respond to that, Make Time!

3. If you think the Bible is boring, you probably either never read it, or need a new translation.

7. You know you are supposed to read the Bible. I don’t have to tell you that. I am asking you if you are willing to take the Challenge and do it.

8. Maybe you can have devotions with your wife or Kids. There is nothing that brings a family closer together then reading the Bible. Give it a shot, what do you have to loose.

9. This Bible is Living Breathing and meant for you. USE IT!

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