Summary: 28th in the Ephesians Series dealing with the power of truth

Ephesians Series #28

“The Power of Truth”

Ephesians 4:24

I. Our Wealth and Worth In Christ 1-3

II. Our Worthy Walk in Christ 4-6

A. Live in Unity 4:1-16

B. Live in Newness of life 4:17-24

C. Live in Love 4:17-24

1. Speak truth not falsehood 4:25


Ever since Lucifer lied to himself about being like the “Most High God” and becoming the father of lies, falsehood and deception have become deeply ingrained in the human race.

The Bible has more to say about lying and falsehood than almost any other subject.

It destroys lives. It ruins communities and churches. People tell lies about what someone did or said. Ministries have been ruined with just false accusations. Marriages have been ruined because of lies and distrust. Companies have fallen through cheating and deception. There is a whole psychology dealing with denial and lying to ourselves. Truth is that which corresponds to reality. Falsehood is anything that does not. Even the reality shows are not real. They are contrived and manipulated for entertainment purposes. Of course people try to lie to God but that is futile.

We lie or distort truth for a variety of reasons.

1. Self-Protection – avoid pain or discomfort

2. Self-promotion – make ourselves look better than we are (pride)

3. Possession – acquire something we didn’t earn

4. Punishment – to hurt someone

5. Politeness – we lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

Satan is a master of deception. The core lie that he has perpetuated throughout the earth from the beginning is that we can find life apart from total dependence on God. It is what he tried.

It is his intention to gather as many followers as he can who will live the same way. It doesn’t take much to see the destructive nature of living in deception either in relation to ourselves or in relation to others.

Living and speaking the truth of God promotes the purposes of God.

Contrary to the way many translations translated this passage, the main command here is not, “Don't lie.” The passage should actually be translated therefore (because you have been become new through the work of Jesus Christ), having lain aside or left behind falsehood, continually speak truth into one another's lives. Speaking the truth flows out of a transformed life. When Paul talks about speaking the truth I don't think he is primarily talking about truth telling.

Although telling the truth is implied, I think Paul has a greater function in mind. I think Paul is talking about speaking the truth of God into one another's lives on a continual basis. It is important not to lie about events or feelings or issues but the point of this passage I think has to do with sharing the truth of God with one another. The motivation for speaking truth has to do with the fact that we are members of one body. Earlier, in this very same letter, Paul made clear it that the community of Christ grows in direct relation to the members speaking the truth of God with one another in a context of loving relationships.

Here, Paul reminds them that living according to the lies that the enemy tells is a thing of the past and we are now people of the truth. Just as there is destructiveness in falsehood, there is power in living and speaking truth.

Living and speaking the truth of God promotes the purposes of God.

There is only one reliable place to discover the truth of God and that is in the word of God.

So when we’re talking about speaking truth, we're talking about speaking the things we discover in the word of God. The Bible is absolutely clear about the power of God's truth.

The truth protects

God's truth is both defenses and offenses in our battle against the enemy. Paul calls for us to put on God's armor. One of those pieces armor is the belt of truth. The truth of God defends us against the destructive lies that Satan will tell about ourselves, himself, God, others and the true source of real life. Later in that same passage he talks about the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. Here, truth is an offense of weapon against Satan and his attacks.

When Jesus stood against Satan's temptations he effectively used the word of God to counter every temptation the enemy brought against him. He didn't argue or reason, he simply quoted the word of God -- "It is written."

When our feelings get all messed up…When we get confused…We need the sure footing of the word of God to stand against the lies of the enemy.

When the enemy comes with his condemning thoughts…When the enemy tells us that God hates us and that we been cast aside... we need to clear truth of the Word of God to keep a stable. We need to remember that the word of God clearly states that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. We remember that nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. We need to remember the promise that he said he will never leave us or forsake us. Whatever lie the enemy brings, there is a powerful corresponding truth from the word of God.

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