Summary: Over the years I have noticed the devil fights me very hard when I preach on the subject of the Blood of Christ. I list several reasons why the devil hates the Blood.

The devil has a deep abiding hatred for the things of God especially the Blood of Christ. He fights against the truth when it is preached under the unction of the Holy Ghost, he especially fights hard when we preach on the subject of the shed blood of Jesus. For there is no salvation apart from the Blood of Jesus.

Why does God say in His Word that the Blood of Christ is precious?

What causes the Blood to have such unlimited value?

(1) It Is Precious Because Of It’s Redeeming Power!

(A) The sinner is a slave to this world, to the devil, and to himself.

(B) Man sells himself into sin, but Jesus redeems us with His Blood.

(C) God paid for our redemption through the shed Blood of His Son.

(2) It Is Precious Because It Cleanses From the Past

(A) When a sinner comes to Christ and trusts Him as saviour, God blots out all the sin, that sinner becomes as clean as if he had never sinned.

(B) (Is.44:22) "I have blotted out as a thick cloud thy transgressions and thy sins."

(C) God wipes out your past sin, and cleans your old record.

He Erases The Recording Of All Wrong Doing!

Oh Hallelujah What A Saviour!

(3) It Is Precious Because Of The Peace It Brings

(A) (Col 1:20) "And having made peace, through the Blood of His cross."

(B) (Romans 5:1) "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ."

(C) Every individual in all the world can have peace of heart, soul, and mind that passes all understanding.

By coming to God, pleading the Blood of His Son as your only righteousness.

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