Summary: How we need to be Aware & Concerned for the Presence of God. His Presence in our life will do wonderful things throught & to us.


Sunday AM January 4, 2009

2009! We’ve made it another year. It’s almost hard to imagine another year has come & gone so fast. For those of us of a notable age the years just seem to get faster & faster.

I’m not going to be long this morning! I want to make a few statements in order to make a point.

My text this morning is Isaiah 43:19:

“Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth, shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness & rivers in the desert.”

While praying about what I should share this morning. I thought about how much we needed the “PRESENCE OF GOD” in the last year. I realized just how much we needed the “PRESENCE OF GOD” last year was a direct indicator of how much we’ll need the “PRESENCE OF GOD THIS YEAR!”

Folk, the “PRESENCE OF GOD”, for the Child of God, is “CRITICAL” in the world we live in. As we start a new year, the “PRESENCE OF GOD” should be a “PRIMARY FOCUS” in our lives! I’ve not made a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION! I’ve made a NEW YEAR’S DETERMINATION: to “FOCUS MORE” on the “PRESENCE OF GOD” than I every have in my life!

We live in a world full of dangers for the Child of God, we live a world full of danger for anybody & everybody. But not everybody realizes the need for the “PRESENCE OF GOD” as the Child of God does or should! Although many Children of God realize the need they don’t act on the need as they should. They become somewhat ambivalent to the concept.

The “PRESENCE OF GOD” should be conceptualized even more importantly than Health Care, Finances, Fellowship, Friendship, Work, Obeying Laws, etc. I could go on & on! Suffice it to say this: THE “PRESENCE OF GOD” IS MORE CRITICAL THAN ALL THOSE I MENTIONED & THE ONES I DIDN’T!

For the Child of God, the “PRESENCE OF GOD” IS "PARAMOUNT & TANTAMOUNT" to everything in our lives! For it is “IN” the “PRESENCE OF GOD” we find that which we need in life! There are a few things to keep in mind as we enter into the NEW YEAR OF 2009 concerning “PRESENCE OF GOD!”

We need to be “AWARE” of the “PRESENCE OF GOD!” We don’t know how many time that we have “FAILED GOD” by not being “AWARE” of the “PRESENCE OF GOD!” How many times would God have used us in order to Minister to someone.

In Luke 1 Zacharias was made "AWARE" by the Angel sent by God. When asked the Angel answered:

“I am Gabriel, who stands in the PRESENCE OF GOD...”

It was important enough to Gabriel to make special mention of the “PRESENCE OF GOD!” Folk, it should be just as important to each and every sinlge one of us as well!

We need to be “CONCERNED” for the “PRESENCE OF GOD!” Showing “CONCERN” for the “PRESENCE OF GOD” shows “ATTENTION” being paid for and to the “PRESENCE OF GOD!” When you show “CONCERN” for the “PRESENCE OF GOD” you’ll experience the “PRESENCE OF GOD” in a greater manner!

What will the “PRESENCE OF GOD” do for us in 2009 if we are more “AWARE & CONCERNED” for the “PRESENCE OF GOD?”

In 2009 the “PRESENCE OF GOD” will,

I. “LEAD & GUIDE YOU” in a greater manner & way than He did in 2008. Not that He didn’t want to in 2008 but if we become more “AWARE & CONCERNED” for the “PRESENCE OF GOD” in 2009 then the “PRESENCE OF GOD” will become more evident & present in your life.

When this happens then you will see the “CHURCH OF ACTS 2" become more alive in YOUR LIFE & in your church!

What is it that we want for our church? We want a VIBRANCY, A LIVING PRESENCE, MANIFESTATIONS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, HEALING, MIRACLES, MIRACULOUS HAPPENINGS, CHURCH GROWTH! All these things will happen when we “FOCUS ON THE PRESENCE OF GOD” in our LIVES more than just in the CHURCH!

REMEMBER: YOU ARE THE CHURCH! Not this building of mortor, concrete, steel and wood! YOU ARE THE CHURCH! Youir focus for the “PRESENCE OF GOD” should be about YOUR LIFE not just the Church! Being used of God is going to be more prevalent “OUTSIDE” these walls then “INSIDE” these walls.

It’s funny how so many want to be used of God but they want to be used of God “IN” the House not “OUTSIDE” the house! But most of the WORK is found “OUTSIDE THE HOUSE NOT INSIDE THE HOUSE!”

In 2009 the “PRESENCE OF GOD” will, #2. “KEEP YOU FROM CONVICTION!” Wait a minute, you may be thinking! “ I NEED CONVICTION!” Yes, you do but think about this. The closer the “PRESENCE OF GOD” in your life the more God will not have to bring “CONVICTION” to your life!

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