Summary: A Mother's Day message preached on Mother's Day 2019. The significant Hebrew word רחם is the focus of the message.


Mother’s Day 2019

The message input today is not so much around a text as it is around a significant Hebrew word.

But you can’t start a great message without a story

Start with Duck Story

Alisha 12 yo … look at ducklings

The Mother Duck saw her … and attacked.

James … older brother … came to protect .. and got attacked.

Everyone retreated from the mother duck protecting her ducklings.

Because it is Mother’s Day you can see where I am going with this example

Mothers are protective

Yes … fathers are also protective … and so are males and men.

That protective nature is also there.

We will focus on this aspect of fatherhood and malehood on Father’s Day.

But thinking about mothers.

What causes them to be so protective?

It is this connection isn’t it.



None of us had anything to do with our birth.

We received without giving anything.

We were totally helpless.

And some woman somewhere … your mother … brought you into this world.

Her work.

Her labour.

Her pain.

In some cases … even her life.

For your life.

The mother’s protective nature comes because of that connection doesn’t it.

Indeed, such is the protection of a mother that, sometimes when it comes to her children, she may go from protection to idealism.

There is an Australian songwriter and singer called Slim Dusty. He passed away in 2003 … but even now his songs are loved by those who like the Country and Western Genre of songs.

He sang a song called "You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mother's Eyes".

You can never do wrong in a mother's eyes

No matter what you may do

She will always forgive any wrong you've done

And she'll open her warm heart to you

Oh you can never do wrong in a mother's eyes

For she sees her son through her heart

Slim is so right – so many son’s get it easy with their mothers.

Especially if you are the oldest son.

When I just had my license one of my peers, who was a little older than me had an accident at a T-intersection. Not long after that he rolled his car. I also know He had been given a number of speeding fines. BUT when asked about these things his mother was heard saying, "He is still a good driver".



A woman … a mother whose womb gave life … the one who is compassionate towards you even when you make large life mistakes.

They just all kind of go together don’t they.

And it doesn’t just go together in for English speaking people.

Let’s have a look at the significant Hebrew word I was telling you about.

Quick Lesson On How Hebrew Works.

The vast majority Hebrew words can be boiled down to a three-consonant root word. You can change the word into a verb, or a noun, or an adjective, by adding vowels and consonants before or after the root word. No matter what changes are made, you can still see the root word.

??? (raham) = verb “love”, “mercy”, “compassion”

??? (rehem) = noun “womb”

???? (rahum) = adjective means compassionate and is always used in the OT to describe God's feelings towards humanity.

… …

Whose mind is ticking over at the moment thinking about the implications and the connections.

In Jewish thinking “showing compassion” and “having a womb” find their place in the same thought and word patterns.

When you show compassion to people isn’t there a sense where you are carrying them.

Showing compassion by carrying poorly-verbalized opinions, immaturities and failings.

Showing compassion by carrying those who need forgiveness and acceptance.

Showing compassion by carrying those who have been wounded and whose feet need to be set right again.

Isn’t it true that, when we are the recipients of compassion, you feel protected and nurtured.

Now let’s … cautiously … step a bit further.

Constantly God is described as being a compassionate God.

God created them in his image … male and female.

Both being image-bearers of God.

The combined fullness of what it means to be both male and female … is found in God.

When you see a godly father … living as the one who runs to embrace his returned, disgraced lost son … you are being given a picture of who God is.


When you see a godly woman … showing compassion for that child which comes from her womb … you are being given a picture of who God is.

God wants to carry us.

God wants to protect us.

God is willing to overlook all that we have done and set aside the sin.

This is God’s heart

As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! Why will you die, people of Israel?

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