Summary: Now, travel into the deepest place: Your spirit. If you are a really born-again person, there you will find your spirit crying out loudly: “I am hungry and thirsty. I am hungry and thirsty for Jesus. Oh Jesus! Please fill me....


Introduction: In the previous chapter, we have been introduced to the two qualities which a newly born-again believer should possess. The first quality is meekness and the second is a hunger and thirst for righteousness. We have already meditated deeply about meekness, and the blessing resulting from being meek. In the present chapter, we are going to meditate upon the second quality, i.e. hunger and thirst for righteousness, and the blessing resulting from it. May the Holy Spirit lead us.

All living beings get hungry and thirsty. When we are hungry we need food. When we are thirsty we need water. These are basic for our survival. There can be no life in this world without food and water. Our hunger and thirst are what making us to work hard. We are working to earn; earning to buy food; buying food to eat; eating to live. This struggle goes on through out our lives. Many people are successfully struggling through their lives for food and drink. But are they satisfied? No! They are not satisfied just to meet the hunger and thirst of their flesh. Their hunger goes deeper: into their souls. Travel through the flesh and into the inner parts of man. There, you can see a soul which is hungry and thirsty, crying out for money, fame, status, power, comfort, revenge, lust and so on. The list is too deep and large to be comprehended and completed. Many are managing to satisfy the hunger and thirst of their souls at least partially if not completely. Even if by some means, they manage to satisfy their souls completely, can it be said that they are completely satisfied? No, they are not satisfied, because, there is something more to be satisfied. Travel through the soul, and in to the most inner parts of man. There, you will see a spirit, which, in the same way as its mates, flesh and soul, is hungry and thirsty. The spirit of man is hungry and thirsty for many things. It needs a divine power, a supreme being which can completely satisfy and fill it. It is searching the truths about the existence of itself and the universe in which it is living. The spirit knows that there is something which is not found in this visible universe, with which it must be filled, to satisfy its hunger and thirst completely. It is not food. It is not water. It is not revenge. It is not money. It is not lust. These things cannot satisfy the spirit. People, although very few, were able to perceive this. They tried to satisfy their spirits. They tried various methods. They tried different kinds of meditations. They are still trying. They are searching for answers in their wisdom. But, are they satisfied? No! What a hopeless situation! Darkness is surrounding men. Their voice is echoing from the ends of the earth to the ends of the sky: “Is there anyone who can satisfy our hunger and thirst?” Their ears are eagerly waiting for an answer. But alas! Complete silence! May be the One who can give the answer is too far or may be the answer is too deep to understand! Men are wondering. They are wandering hopelessly like complete blind men in a thickly dark night.

The Holy Bible declares, “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not (John 1:5)”. The words are written: Even on the face of the Heavens above! Jesus came into this world as an answer to the cry of men. Jesus came into this world to completely satisfy the hunger and thirst of men. Jesus can understand the deepest and most basic needs of men. Because, Jesus is the Creator of men. You tried to fill the stomach of your flesh. But it can never be filled permanently. You tried to fill the stomach of your soul. But it was never completely filled. You tried to fill the stomach of your spirit. Even this was a failure. The things with which you used to fill your flesh, soul, and spirit were a failure. Why?! Because, they are not the right things which can satisfy your real hunger and thirst. So, after what should we really hunger and thirst, and, who can give that to us?

Jesus is answering the same questions when He is saying, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled (Matthew 5:6)”. Do you want to be filled completely? Do you want to satisfy your hunger and thirst completely? Do you want something which is better than all the things which you previously followed after? The answer is righteousness. To be completely filled, you need to hunger and thirst after righteousness. Righteousness will satisfy your real hunger and thirst.

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