Summary: Lets talk about the rights of GOD

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The rights of GOD

The rights of The MOST HIGH

Let me briefly write about the rights of The MOST HIGH.

A popular Christian song has the refrain “ Jehovah has the final say”. This song voices the acknowledgement that The Most HIGH is sovereign and rules over the affairs of man. Actions always speak louder than words. The song though sang loudly and vigorously with a catchy tune seems only to be that a song.

In reality, we Christians are still our own gods. We want our own way and come to The MOST HIGH to rubber stamp it and woe to HIM should HE not do so. We will pray, cry, roll on the ground, go insane, pout, abandon the church and the faith because GOD did not answer my prayer the way that I wanted HIM to. HE did not do what I wanted, so I will show HIM. Never mind that the scripture teaches that GOD is in heaven and HE does what HE pleases. Psalm 115:3. Children of GOD have not come to terms with what this means. We also behave as if “THY kingdom come and THY will be done on earth as it is in heaven “ (Matthew 6: 9-13) is a suggestion as well as a popular phrase from the Catholic church. We behave like a bunch of entitled brats with no care and feelings for our FATHER and what HE wants and what HE would like done. We forget our SAVIOUR who bloody tearfully wept, “ Not My will but YOURS be done” (Luke 22:42).

What is The MOST HIGH entitled to and what is HE entitled to do? Briefly, HE is entitled to everything and can do anything HE likes.

HE is entitled to:

The world, everything in it and everything outside it, the seen, the unseen, the known , the unknown, the understood, misunderstood, under understood and yet to be understood .

HE is entitled to walk away and leave man to his own devices until man comes to his senses and cries out to Him for HIS divine intervention, and even so HE retains the right to remain silent and answer only if it pleases HIM and if He so chooses in the manner HE sees fit.

The MOST HIGH is entitled to you, and all that appertains to you. Your life, body, soul, spirit, desires, dreams. Yes, Beloved, the MOST HIGH owns you and everything around you or in you, just like HE owns everything and everyone. Forget all the grand talk about self determination, me, myself and I , and “ I did it my way”. It is only that way because HE allows it to be so.

I must point out here that contrary to what is believed and what it sounds like, the MOST HIGH is for man. The MOST HIGH made man and had and indeed still has a plan for man individually and as a group. This plan involves man, who, in case you didn’t know is made in the very image of GOD to dominate and run things on this planet earth. In the course of events, man blundered, handed over dominion to his (man’s) enemies, who happen to be led by the enemy of GOD. To make matters worse, man rejects the plan of salvation which is basically:

getting a new start with The MOST HIGH through believing in our SAVIOR YESHUA commonly known as JESUS CHRIST

abandoning the world and its ways which oppose The MOST HIGH and HIS ways and then goes on to blame The MOST HIGH and others for the faults and problems on the planet.

Man then proceeds to blame GOD for deciding in HIS sovereignty to distance himself from HIS enemies and men and women who do not adhere to HIS salvation plan. Man then foolishly goes on with prodding from the enemies of GOD to try and create utopia here on earth. Listen carefully, Beloved, this earth and all in it is due for a fiery refining and refurbishing by its CREATOR and those who don’t accept the salvation plan together with those who will not adhere to the salvation plan will burn in hell.. and yes, GOD has a right to do so. In fact, HE has done us a big favor by telling us in advance and giving us a way out. So, it is actually up to you. Take the step, hand over your life back to The MOST HIGH, believe in HIS Salvation, our Savior JESUS CHRIST and live like it and enjoy the refurbishment from the good place.

GOD, the MOST HIGH maintains the right to create whatever HE wants or wishes and also to destroy it. HE gives the example of the potter, who does whatever he wishes with his clay. Even you, when you make anything, you reserve the copyright and write to hand over to whoever you will, delete, re-make, re-model etc and you want to be paid and receive royalties, but GOD when HE demands HIS creation back and demands the honor due to HIM, HE is called all sorts of names and shunned by the very creatures he made!

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