Summary: I. Introduction A.

I. Introduction

A. Read Text - S. of Sol. 2:1

B. The Song of Solomon is an interesting book; It is written by Solomon who wrote 1,005 psalms, according to Jewish Rabbis.

C. This particular book is an "Allegory" - a story that tells another story.

D. It is a "Love Story" about a Man (Christ) and His Bride (Church).

E. In our text, we have The Bridegroom (Christ) comparing Himself to that of a common flower in Israel - Rose of Sharon.

F. C.H. Spurgeon writes - "In condescension he desires our love; In wisdom he uses the best way to win our love; In tenderness he describes himself by familiarity; Of necessity he describes himself, for who else can?"

G. The Lord compares Himself to other objects in the Word of God, such as Bread; Light; Water which are all necessary to us, and He also compared Himself to the Good Shepherd; True Vine; The Way, the Truth, and the Life.

H. However, in the comparison to a flower, we see an intrinsic value not provided by other comparisons.

I. I would like to expound upon this same thing - Why does the Lord refer to Himself as "The Rose of Sharon"?

II. The Location of the Rose of Sharon

A. Whenever one goes to Israel, you can see the beautiful Mediterranean Sea (Blues & Green).

B. Next, you see the pure white sands that are sprinkled along the coast of the sea.

C. Beyond the Mediterranean coast is the Carmel mountain range - lush, green vegetation.

D. Between the white sands and the green mountain range is a valley called Sharon.

E. In the Valley of Sharon can be found blankets of roses called the Roses of Sharon! Magnificent!

F. These are the roses that the Lord compares Himself to!

III. Reasons the Lord Compares Himself to Roses of Sharon

A. Excellence -

1. Jesus Christ, our Bridegroom, is excellence!

2. He is the "eternal Son of the eternal Father!"

3. It has been said that in all of "secular" history, there are only 2 chapters written about Jesus Christ, yet most have heard of Him.

4. Like the Roses of Sharon, the world doesn’t see His excellence - They look past Him to other gods!

5. The Book of Hebrews declares His excellence as He is "greater than all others!"

B. Red in Color -

1. The Bible refers to Christ as Red more than any other color.

2. Why? The Blood of Christ has been shed for the sins of the world.

3. John the Baptist announced the public ministry of Christ by declaring Jesus Christ to be the "Lamb of God", and of course, the Lamb had to be slain. (Heb. 9:22)

4. My friend, if you don’t see Him as the Lamb of God Slain, the next time you see Him - He will be the Lamb of God Standing!

C. Fragrance -

1. Jesus came to offer Himself a sacrifice for ALL - a "sweet smelling savor unto the Father".

2. In Bulgaria there is a valley of roses that is said to be so fragrant that anyone who walks through it smells like the flowers for days.

3. In our lives there should be a Fragrance of Christ on us.

4. People should know that we live near Jesus and our lives should reek of His odor!!

D. Planted by God -

1. It is interesting that "NO Man" has ever planted the Roses of Sharon - They simply grow by the grace of God.

2. Christ was born of no man; Virgin born!

3. He was "fashioned in the form of sinful man, yet without sin!"

4. He was taught by no man, yet He spoke as no man ever spoke.

E. Often Trampled by Men -

1. The Roses of Sharon have often been trampled by man in the many wars that have taken place in that region, yet, the Roses of Sharon keep growing!

2. It is amazing how that many have tried to stomp out the Lord Jesus Christ, His Word, and His followers, yet through it all, there has always remained a remnant.

3. Yes, truly, the Lord is the Rose of Sharon!!!

F. The Roses of Sharon Are Free

1. Roses and lilies are meant to be plucked and enjoyed.

2. They are abundant; They found in common places; They are free!

3. You won’t find roses growing on steep mountain cliffs, nor in hard to get to places - They are found in the open and common!

4. My friends, Jesus is easy to find as well!

5. There is never a place that He cannot hear your prayer for salvation!

6. There is never a time that He will not listen.

7. The Lord, like the Roses of Sharon, are yours for the asking!

8. There are "NO Signs Posted - KEEP OUT"

9. Like the roses in all of their beauty, who would not want Jesus?

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Sandra Leightner

commented on May 11, 2013

The commentaries that I read suggest it is the bride and not the groom who made this statement. They also suggest that roses were not yet in this region and that the Hebrew word refers to a bulb plant - probably a crocus. Song of Songs continues to trip up preachers - including me :)

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