Summary: Texas University students are refering to the bible as "smut" and a material on equal plane with pornography and yet Gen. 1:9&10 and Job 36:27&28 contain scientific truths that prove that the bible is from God and superior and more importantat than all ot


1. Open your bible, please, to Genesis 1:9,10.

2. Do you have a definition for the word “smut”? What is your definition?

3. Webster’s New College Edition has the following definitions: (1) to stain, taint, or affect a crop or plant with smut.

(2) soot that blackens or soils. (3) obscene or indecent language (4) Webster has some other definitions, but those definitions will help us to understand why we don’t want to ever be guilty of calling the bible a message of “smut”.

4. Are you aware that there is a group in San Antonio at the University of Texas campus that are regularly setting up tables on the campus and advertising that they want to trade “SMUT FOR SMUT”?

(1) They want to trade that which contains obscene and indecent information and that which will stain and taint one’s character for what they say is also obscene and incent.

(2) The group claim to be a part of “THE ATHEIST AGENDA”. “The Smut” that they have to trade is pornography.

(3) “The Smut” that they are asking for students to trade to them are bibles and bible related reading material.

5. Would you believe that we would ever hear of or see on TV a group of young people showing that kind of disrespect for the bible?

(1) Calling the bible and bible literature “smut” and classifying it on equality with pornography makes you wonder if God might soon bring a bolt of lightning down on that table and those who are a part of the Atheist Agenda.

(2) And then what about the students that would trade in their bible and bible related literature for “pornographic smut”? If they consider the bible to be no more than “smut” they should also stand in fear of God.

6. Do you have any questions about why the university would allow such blasphemy against God and the bible?

(1) The university says that they can not stop this because of the Freedom of Speech Law.

(2) The university says that they can not stop the handing out of the particular pornography because it is not the hard core and extremely graphic pornography.

(3) It is a pornographic literature that the law allows to be distributed, even though God and God fearing people would not approve of it.

7. What is being done to counter act this “smutty blasphemy”?

(1) Religious young people are also setting up tables and doing as much teaching as they can to teach the truths about God, Christ and salvation.

(2) It is terrible that the “Atheist Agenda Group” are doing what they are doing.

(3) However, maybe this will motivate more religious people to get busy teaching more of the pure and holy and “un-smutty truths” of the Bible.

8. Last Lord’s day evening we had a lesson from Psalm 8:8 that revealed that the scientific truth about the “paths of the seas” prove that the bible is from God and that the bible is superior and more important than all other books.

9. In this lesson we will discuss two other scientific truths that additionally prove that the bible is from God and that the bible is superior and more important than all other books. Never should the bible be called “smut”!



1. The planet earth is approximately 71% water. That makes our earth about ¼ land and about ¾ water. How many oceans are there? There are five oceans. How many of you can name the five oceans?

(1) The Pacific Ocean, which is off the West coast of all of the west edge of California, Oregon and Alaska and etc. Actually, the Pacific Ocean is to the West of both South and North America.

(2) The Atlantic Ocean is to the East of the United States and toward Africa and Europe.

(3) The Indian Ocean is to the South of Africa and down toward Australia.

(4) The Southern Ocean is to the far South and on the bottom side of the earth.

(5) The Arctic Ocean is to the far North above Alaska and much of the Arctic Ocean is frozen.

2. Since the Pacific Ocean is referred to as the North Pacific and the South Pacific and then the Atlantic Ocean is referred to as the North Atlantic and the South Atlantic this divides the ocean waters up into seven parts.

(1) There are seven ocean parts. However, they all connect to one another and are all tied together with one ocean bed.

(2) The fact that all the oceans were tied together with one ocean bed was not known by man until probably around the 1600’s and 1700’s and yet Moses wrote about this one ocean bed about 1500 years before Christ.

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