Summary: The enemy, the father, the servant, the Spirit, and the Son who comes the second time.

The Second Time

Things that come more than once. Some are tough, some are blessed.

The enemy who came a second time.

Here are two examples from scripture:

1 Kings 20:22

2 Samuel 21:18-22

In the first case the prophet warns the king of Israel that the army he faced this year will come back again the same time next year.

In the second case 4 giants from Gath are killed by David and his men. When David killed Goliath that was not the end of trouble with giants. These passages speak to us of times when:

Sickness that comes a second time, financial troubles hit us second time, a people conflict we thought was resolved shows up again.

Peter asks why we think it strange concerning the fiery trial we often face. We always think it strange when we face something we thought we had whooped. But both of these stories also illustrate the enemy we defeat the first time we will with the same grace also defeat the second time.

The Father who came the second time.

Matthew 17:14-16

I have a great respect and admiration for this dad.

He was at a meeting with the top 12 Christian leaders in the world seeking help for his child. It failed, but he didn't give up. He goes the second time for help, this time to Jesus.

This dad reminds me of Job who continually prayed and offered sacrifice for his children. Job 1:5... "thus Job did continually." These parents remind us of the continual need to pray and bring our children before the Lord. It also reminds us that some prayers require us to pray much and often before we see them answered.

To this end he taught a parable that men ought to pray and faint not. Luke 18:1

The Servant who came the second time.

Matthew 21:28-32

Thank God for second chances in life!

The Spirit who comes the second time.

Acts 4:31

We are to be filled, and filled again, and filled again...

The Son who comes the second time.

Acts 1:11

The Blessed Hope! We are looking for the Lord, not the devil

Close: Be encouraged to faint not, be encouraged to be filled again.

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